Elephantmen, Vol. 4: Questionable Things

Elephantmen Vol Questionable Things A MAPPO sleeper cell has been reactivating Elephantmen affecting not only the lives of Hip Flask and Ebony Hide but Vanity Case Miki Sahara and LAPD Lieutenant Blackthorne as well

  • Title: Elephantmen, Vol. 4: Questionable Things
  • Author: Richard Starkings
  • ISBN: 9781607063643
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
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      367 Richard Starkings
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      Posted by:Richard Starkings
      Published :2019-09-06T00:38:44+00:00

    A MAPPO sleeper cell has been reactivating Elephantmen, affecting not only the lives of Hip Flask and Ebony Hide, but Vanity Case, Miki, Sahara, and LAPD Lieutenant Blackthorne as well.

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    • Timothy Pitkin says:

      Good to see that the story is becoming a lot more focused and nice to see things from the war are now coming into play and learning a lot more about how society feels about the Elephantmen and vice versa especially how Elephantmen feel about the more successful Elephantmen like Horn.

    • Angus Stirling says:

      male gaze: the comic

    • Paul says:

      I recently met Richard Starkings at the Montréal Comiccon and had been wanting to try out his Elephantment for a while. The reviews of it were mostly good and hey, I got this trade for $20 from the artist himself and he even sketched and autographed it for me.That being said, this didn`t exactly blow me away. The art, mostly by a bunch of different artists, and I could see what he was trying to achieve, is just too uneven. The story, apart from always refering to back issues (I thought I was re [...]

    • Mel says:

      I really do enjoy this series but I will admit that I'm getting a little tired of the repetition in the history of the elephantmen. It seems like every issue they have to explain the origins and the characters background in the panel text. I think you should write a story where people will pick that up as they go, not one that has to be reiterated constantly. It becomes a bit boring, repetative and slows down the story telling. That said I did still enjoy the issue. It focuses mostly on the huma [...]

    • Rory says:

      [b]More great stuff![/b]The thing with Elephantmen is that it doesn't hide from its own silliness. Huge beasts, genetically fused man-animal hybrids, glamorous (sometimes overly sexualised, some might argue) ladies and big guns. The art is always gorgeous no matter which of the stable of artists it is, and this volume even features an issue of the comics (#25) where each page was drawn by a different artist. But, behind the façade of Elephantmen there is a very human, emotional element of the s [...]

    • Craig says:

      Still not overly excited by the oblique way they have of telling the story, but the artwork in these is some of the best in comics and the gorgeous design work that goes into each graphic collection really makes them stand out. This is one comic where owning the collected volumes really makes sense, I'd say, rather than buying each issue individually.

    • Jordan says:

      Questionable Things had some great moments in it, but did stick a little too closely to some stereotypes in comics. I know that's a weird thing to criticize about a pulp comic, but you'll see what I mean. The stories continue well but it doesn't feel as impacting as when you first read Volume 1.

    • Anchorpete says:

      Elephantmen has been around, I think, since I started reading comics. Richard Starking has only gotten better and better at Story telling. There really is nothing like this out on the stands, right now.

    • Matt says:

      Some really great stuff, again. I love how the story's moving along, and the seduction scene with Miki and Hip is gorgeous. Fantastic stuff.

    • Andre says:

      Interesting world but too disjointed and uneven to keep me interested.

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