Unschooling Are schools social levelers or do they reinforce the class pyramid by tracking and sorting children from a young age asks Astra Taylor in this single from n Issue In her answer Taylor blends mem

  • Title: Unschooling
  • Author: Astra Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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      419 Astra Taylor
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    Are schools social levelers or do they reinforce the class pyramid by tracking and sorting children from a young age asks Astra Taylor in this single from n 1 Issue 13 In her answer, Taylor blends memoir and educational history in a broad reaching examination of unusual alternatives to mainstream education in the United States.

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    • Daisylongmire says:

      As my first intro to this concept, I was intrigued and thought the author did a great job introducing it. I liked reading how the instructor at the free school came to the realization of his anger. I would have liked to learn more about other unschools in the world but mostly i would liked to have learned about other graduates of this genre. I enjoyed reading about the author and her family but want to know about others and how they are faring in this world. I look forward to V2.0!

    • Kevin Ball says:

      Interesting and UniqueI enjoyed this book and liked that it wasn't just another book that defines unschooling but actually had unique thought-provoking insight. My special needs son is unschooled and thrives on it and I have read countless books on the topic. This one is one of my favorites. My only complaint is that it could have been longer because I feel the author has more to say that would be worth reading.

    • Andy Howard says:

      A nice introduction to alternative forms of schooling. As a homeschooler myself, I felt very comfortable with the "free-form" version of education.That being said, I think that while this form of education has its uses, especially in art and literature, I don't feel the unschooling methods would be nearly as effective in math and sciences. I think it most effectively used as a part of a larger overall education. As with all things - moderation, moderation, moderation.

    • Kiehl Christie says:

      I like anything that takes our current education system and systematically argues against its design. I'm not sure that every school can be the Albany free school, nor do I think homeschooling is the way to go, but there's a lot of good stuff in here that progressives can look to when they think about education reform.

    • Jeff Raymond says:

      Less a piece about unschooling and more a piece on the more overarching idea of unschooling-style education and a more philsophical piece on the movement and idea in general. Some good parts about some Free Schools, but not really anything special, or anything that would engage someone who is not already sympathetic to the idea.

    • Shurafa says:

      Love this book! How to apply NVC principals to engage in the learning process with you children by helping them facilitate there natural curiosity for the world. Great reminder to be mindful in all of your relationships as well.

    • Johnnie says:

      This is a nice story of one woman's experience with unschooling. It is a unique positive tale with an interesting ending telling about her adult life.

    • Ben Lainhart says:

      Drawing on her past experience and some interviews with educators today, Astra Taylor gives a good introduction to the concept of unschooling.

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