Girl in The Glass

Girl in The Glass I will have to say it I am Anya and I am nothing I will look down at the floor as I say it so that I don t see the smile on my aunt s face so she won t see the defiance in my eyes She will get her v

  • Title: Girl in The Glass
  • Author: Zoe Brooks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    I will have to say it I am Anya and I am nothing I will look down at the floor as I say it, so that I don t see the smile on my aunt s face, so she won t see the defiance in my eyes She will get her victory She always wins these battles I know it, she knows it But one day, one day she will not This Cinderella story for adults, set in an unnamed world, has no fair I will have to say it I am Anya and I am nothing I will look down at the floor as I say it, so that I don t see the smile on my aunt s face, so she won t see the defiance in my eyes She will get her victory She always wins these battles I know it, she knows it But one day, one day she will not This Cinderella story for adults, set in an unnamed world, has no fairy godmother and no handsome prince, just a girl of spirit and her strange companion Orphaned at the age of 10 in circumstances that she refuses to explain, Anya grows up trapped in the house of her abusive aunt where she and Eva, her Shadow, are treated as slaves As her aunt tries to break her and the punishments become increasingly life threatening, Anya struggles to find affection and self esteem When the inevitable showdown arrives, where will Anya find the strength to survive and escape And if she does escape, what then An arduous walk across an unforgiving desert to a city where an even worse danger lies.

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    • Lily at Bookluvrs Haven says:

      Originally published on Bookluvrs HavenThis book was epic, and by far this year, one of the best books I have read.Yes I said it! One of the best books I have read this year.I am the retriever, and this book is my ridiculous, gigantic, prehistoric sized bone.I am gushing. This is why:1. The writing is phenomenal. It was almost poetic. Scene after scene just flowed, one after the other, filled with an array of emotions that was truly a roller coaster ride.Example: Anya is punished by her evil, ro [...]

    • Iain Grant says:

      Girl in the Glass is a magic realist novel about Anya, orphaned after the death of her father and her healer mother and forced to endure a young life in servitude to her wicked aunt. The huge family home she lives in (in a town on the edge of an impassable desert) is her world and her prison, that is until Anya and her twin/Shadow Eva escapeZoe Brook's novel is a true magic realist story. Its setting is a world that is not ours but is nonetheless recognisable. It is a novel in which the almost m [...]

    • Arlena says:

      By: Zoe BrooksPublished By: Z.B.Age Recommended: AdultReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 5Book Blog For: GMTAReview:"Girl In the Glass" by Joe Brooks was the first book in the 'Shadows Trilogy.' I found this novel 'Girl in the Glass' heat wrenching, even sad and angry then it has a way through this read to lift your 'spirit and then cheer for all of it in this journey that Anya and Evan went through in a unhappy childhood to now becoming a woman. This author did a wonderful job with her description [...]

    • Tuesday says:

      For more reviews, check out my blog: ravenous-reader-book-reviewsIt doesn't happen very often, but every now and then a book comes along and I don't ever want to get to the last page. I start getting upset when I realize that the end is near, because I don't want my time that I've spent with new people who have entered into my heart to end. Luckily for me (!!!) Girl in the Glass is the first book in the Shadows Trilogy. Whew! I was afraid that I'd have to head East to Czech Republic, knocking on [...]

    • Kathy says:

      Girl In the Glass by Zoe Brooks is a Gem. Orphaned at the age of ten, Anya and her shadow Eva are forced to live/work at her aunts house. Her aunt hates her and forces her to work and punishes her severely for even the most minor transgressions. She lives in a different world and her dessert home is often cruel and the society she lives in even crueler when you are taught that its always the woman's fault. Anya has to escape this life as it will surely kill her. Eva and Anya escape and make the [...]

    • Siobhan Pratt says:

      I finished reading this book about a week ago, and it must have made an impact on me, as I’m still thinking about the central characters, their adventures, personalities, reactions to circumstances and life decisions. I believe this is going to be the first of a trilogy, and whilst I don’t usually read stories that flow into more than one volume, I am already wondering what might happen to Anya and her Shadow next, so will look out for the sequels.As other reviewers have said, the reader is [...]

    • Sage Adderley-Knox says:

      I am Anya and I am nothing.Eleven-year-old Anya is an orphan being raised by her hateful and vicious aunt. She endures mental and physical abuse because of the similarities she shares with her mother, whom her aunt despised. Eva, Anya’s “Shadow,” loyally stands by Anya through her distress and conjures up a plan that leads them across the dangerous desert away from their life of slavery. A city set between the sea and the desert has its own secrets and danger awaiting Anya and Eva. Anya’ [...]

    • Teresa says:

      I really enjoyed this book. The characters are well defined and it's easy to become immersed in the story. I look forward to reading the second and third of this trilogy. I'm sure I'll eventually read them again if the next two are as good as this one.

    • Megan Broutian says:

      Review posted on my blog: meganblogs/girl-in-the

    • Lynne Cantwell says:

      The Healer's Shadow series - Zoe Brooks This week, you get a three-fer -- mainly because I had all three books in the Healer's Shadow series and once I'd finished the first one, I just kept reading 'til I'd read the whole thing.This series of books in the genre of magic realism follows the tale of Judith and her Shadow, Sarah. When we first meet them in The Girl in the Glass, they are young girls named Anya and Eva, living in the home of their cruel aunt, who took them in after their parents d [...]

    • Shalini Ayre says:

      “I will have to say it: 'I am Anya and I am nothing'. I will look down at the floor as I say it, so that I don't see the smile on my aunt's face, so she won't see the defiance in my eyes. She will get her victory. She always wins these battles. I know it, she knows it. But one day, one day she will not.”Anya, orphaned at a young age lives under the harsh rules of her Aunt along with Eva, her Shadow. Her aunt efficient in her punishments takes it too far and Anya needs to break free. But does [...]

    • Christa Bistretzan says:

      This intellectual work of fiction is about Anya and her Shadow, Eve. It is a tale of survival against all odds in an unforgiving, unloving desert.The reader first meets Anya, already orphaned by her parents, living with her paternal Aunt and Uncle. We learn that Anya is an unwelcomed part of the household, often taking blame and punishment for acts that she has not done. It is one of these acts that boost her goal of getting out of the household, which she does, thanks to her Shadow. Eve and Any [...]

    • Evie Woolmore says:

      This evocative and atmospheric novel explores the close relationship between two young women, set against a harsh social and physical environment. Anya is an orphan, abandoned to live with her brutal Aunt in a hierarchical household where punishment seems endless. With her is Eva, her Shadow, from a caste whose identity is never thoroughly explained but who carry the burden of social pariah and outcast, tainting those who associate too closely with them. In this relationship we find the core of [...]

    • Georgia says:

      Girl in the Glass is a story about two girls, Anya and her Shadow Eva. In this world, Shadows are people who aren't human, but look mostly like us. As far as I can interpret, they look human, but give of an air that makes it obvious they aren't. They are a little reminiscent of the demons from Philip Pullman's Northern Lights series. However, not everyone in this world has a Shadow and a lot of prejudice follows them around. The main similarity is that Shadows are like a conscience, always doing [...]

    • ErinBlack says:

      …Wow! This is the first book I have reviewed that deserves more than a 5 star. I give this book a 6 star rating!!!I have never been able to start a review like this. This is a phenomenal story told absolutely beautifully…and the cover is stunning!This book has quickly become one of my all time favourite books!!!Do you remember back when you were in high school, in English class how they made you read a book that they thought had a ‘powerful story’? That dreaded English teacher made you w [...]

    • Beth says:

      The Girl in The Glass is the first in a series and if it’s anything to go by, the others novels will be extremely interesting and captivating too. Brooks has a fascinating imagination as the reader follows young Anya and her Shadow, Eva, as they escape move from horrific environment to horrific environment, all the while trying to make something of themselves, especially Anya who is desperate to be noticed and more than nothing.The novel is cleverly written and the concept of the Shadow is int [...]

    • Grammar*Kitten says:

      I was lucky enough to win a copy of Girl in the Glass in a Librarything Giveaway.Girl in the Glass is a totally captivating novel; set in a world very different to and yet not unlike our own, the protagonist Anya along with her shadow, Eva, are living a life of servitude at the whim of her evil Aunt Kat after the death of her parents. Together, they escape, and are drawn into a world of danger, intrigue and wonder. I found it hard to understand and imagine what the protagonist has to endure in t [...]

    • Leigh Podgorski says:

      The Girl in the Glass is a sweeping romance of a coming of age story that follows the trials and tribulations of heroine Anya (Judith) as she struggles to overcome great obstacles in a journey that is physical, emotional, and spiritual. Anya is orphaned at a young age—merely eleven and left to live as a servant in her Aunt’s house with her Shadow, Eva. Here, though she does not understand why, she is despised by her aunt whom she desperately wants only to please and from whom she desires the [...]

    • Ally Atherton says:

      In the short time that I have been doing reviews for this blog I have learned that indie books are very much hit and miss. This one was pretty much a miss as far as I am concerned. It took me a few weeks to read and I read even a few books inbetween due to the fact that I found it tedious!The story starts off in a promising way and literally fizzes out as it goes along. The premise of the book is a girl called Anya who lives in a house with a cruel stepmother who spends most days locked in a bro [...]

    • Candice Johnson says:

      I don't know how to write a book review, but I definitely want to try. This book really surprised me. I got it for free on and usually when that happens the book is not, er, the best. This one I would have gladly paid for. I enjoyed it so much that I plan to get the next two books in the series on payday. I would have given this book 5 stars, but the *pacing? change of viewpoint?* really threw me off at first. Once I was able to really go with the flow, however, it was almost like I could see t [...]

    • Nina says:

      I liked the concept of the series, but it was spoiled for me because of the many mistakes the author makes. It started off well and flowed nicely but then it felt as if it got hurried and the protagonist is thrown into situations just to show how unlucky her lot in life is. Also through the whole book not a single time is it explained what a Shadow really is, as if the reader is supposed to just know. Considering their importance in the story, that's a big nono. More so because everyone in the b [...]

    • Mary Ann says:

      3.5-4 stars. This was an enjoyable story and a quick read. I very much liked the beginning and end of this book, as I felt that was where the main character made life changing connections (angrily and sadly, oddly enough). There were a number of interesting other characters but I did not feel that the author provided much background in terms of their personalities, the "why's" behind their behaviors. The Shadow was mentioned frequently and was integral to the story, however, there is really no i [...]

    • Ashan says:

      I picked this up for free on . It was certainly worth it, and while there are some small things that bothered me, I overall enjoyed it. Enough so that I've picked up the second book, and likely will the third in the series as well. While I felt the characters could tend to be slightly too flat- I didn't get as emotionally invested as I usually do, they're certainly more interesting than many other books I've picked up, if only for the fact the main character is portrayed as being fully able to e [...]

    • Murielle Cyr says:

      Zo�� Brooks', The Girl in the Glass, is a gripping tale. It begins with Anya and Eva (her Shadow) who are enslaved by the dark power of a deranged aunt. They escape with their lives but eventually fall prey to an evil misogynist. There is a constant battle between the intellect (Eva), and the emotions (Anya). Eva must learn to be more human-like, to allow herself to be touched and to be able to tell lies. Anya, on the other hand, must learn to control her emotions and her sensuality. Rebirth [...]

    • Emmaa22 says:

      I really liked the style of this novel - termed "magic realism" by the author. The world includes some slight details of fantasy, but most of it is very realistic. The characters are nicely painted and though the voice seemed strange to me at the beginning, I soon warmed to it and to the oddities of the set-up.Quickly made my way through the trilogy.

    • Marni says:

      A haunting but captivating story following the struggles of Anya and her shadow as they try to make their way in the world. This is a dark story but very compelling and draws you to continue reading with rich well developed characters, events and settings. I won this as an ebook and was pleasantly surprised. I look forward to reading the next book!

    • Lissa Davis says:

      Compelling workI give this book 5 stars because of its compelling nature. The story seems to start in Biblical times, then progress to amore Victorian Europe. Great story of strong women.

    • Cassie says:

      I really enjoyed the "Girl in The Glass" this book was an awesome read. The story is told well and one book that I could not wait to read the ending. I hope that Zoe writes many more books as well as this one. I look forward to reading more of Zoe's books.

    • Amy says:

      Again, out-of-this-world AWESOME! Zoe Brooks is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Girl in the Glass is as wonderful as Love of Shadows!

    • Karen says:

      Zoe, the author, is a personal friend of mine and I can't wait to read her book!

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