Hikaru no Go, Vol. 10: Lifeline

Hikaru no Go Vol Lifeline The main round of the pro test has begun Everyone s feeling the pressure no one so than Hikaru s friend Isumi who has failed the test twice before Fighting off his feelings of self doubt Isumi face

  • Title: Hikaru no Go, Vol. 10: Lifeline
  • Author: Yumi Hotta Takeshi Obata
  • ISBN: 9781421510675
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
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      351 Yumi Hotta Takeshi Obata
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    The main round of the pro test has begun Everyone s feeling the pressure, no one so than Hikaru s friend Isumi, who has failed the test twice before Fighting off his feelings of self doubt, Isumi faces his next opponent, who turns out to be Hikaru But a careless mistake lands the pair in an awkward position

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    • David says:

      So now I am up to volume 10. This series is so addictive I have finally broken out my Go books. Yes, I am going to try to start playing Go again! I'll bet I can beat some smarty-pants 12-year-old Go prodigy. Har har har.Anyway, my last review was incorrect -- in this volume, Yumi Hotta helpfully provides a score sheet for all of the players taking the professional Go test (an ongoing series of games that spans weeks for the characters and so far, four volumes for the readers), and Hikaru is 13, [...]

    • Ben Truong says:

      In this tankobon we follow Hikaru Shindo as he ploughs through the Pro Exam and follow him through his emotional roller coaster ride, the ups, the downs, and the occasional loop-de-loops. It is surprisingly a tension filled and morally introspective exam, which lets us see Shindo grow both on and off the goban.Out of twenty-seven games in the Pro Exam, this tankobon covered fifteen of them, giving a grand total of twenty-one games (plus six games from the previous tankobon). Shindo's record is e [...]

    • Scott Lee says:

      Continues to move slowly through Hikaru's Pro-Test. This is a very internal volume, almost all the action is designed to play up whatever the character is thinking--or in Hikaru's place talking about with Sai, which seems to have replaced any internal monologue he might have.

    • Krista says:


    • Lauren says:

      Not a bad manga, just not my favorite.

    • Melissa says:

      プロ試験の浮き沈み!第11巻を楽しみにしていますが、他の人がもう図書館に借りたので、1ヶ月ぐらい待たないといけないかもな T_TThe ups and downs of the pro exam! I was really looking forward to vol 11 but someone's got it checked out of the library, so I have to wait probably a month or so before I can read it T_TAnime-manga match-up:ep 38 = vol 10 up to pg 49 (第79~80局)ep 39 = vol 10 pgs 52-89 (第81~82局)e [...]

    • Robert Beveridge says:

      Yumi Hotta, Hikaru no Go, vol. 10: Lifeline (ViZ, 1998)The Pro Test continues, and as we kick off the book, Hikaru is still undefeated but he has his most challenging foes yet to come, including Isumi and Ochi. This one focuses almost entirely on the matches, along with an interesting subplot (Ochi's grandfather contacts Toya for tutoring). A phenomenal series stays strong. ****

    • Cara Marie says:

      I don't know how this comic manages to be so damn exciting. It is. This whole volume is just games they're playing against each other, determining who goes pro - the tension is amazing.Akira's scary when he's being so obsessively competitive with Hikaru. He's very intense. Probably why he's my favourite.

    • Kirsten says:

      I did a little happy dance when volume 10 of this manga series arrived at the library. The tournament to determine who becomes a professional go player is still raging, and tension mounts as Hikaru must defeat his own friends to win the title.

    • Ben Nash says:

      This story is comfort food for me. I can't quite put my finger on what keeps me rereading/rewatching this and the anime, but my interest in Go certainly helps. I also like that it's a generally positive story about getting good at something.

    • Tom Higgins says:

      Tension tension tension. Toyas effort to expose the mystery of Shindo's meteoric rise gains another convert. The old men of the test fall over the cliff. Good friends test each others resolve. Why do these volumes have to be devoured so quickly?

    • Heather P (=^x^=) says:

      I love this book! It's so addictive!

    • Ruly says:

      it good to read

    • Scott Roberts says:

      The book cover looks good.

    • M. Tobert says:

      Another book to a very amazing graphic novel series. I'm almost to it.

    • J says:

      Awesome!I love the detail and now I even want to start playing Go.

    • Nil Patel says:


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