Original Death

Original Death Despite the raging war between French and British Scottish exile Duncan McCallum has begun to settle into a new life on the fringes of colonial America traveling the woodlands with his companion Con

  • Title: Original Death
  • Author: Eliot Pattison
  • ISBN: 9781582437316
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
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      177 Eliot Pattison
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    Despite the raging war between French and British, Scottish exile Duncan McCallum has begun to settle into a new life on the fringes of colonial America, traveling the woodlands with his companion Conawago, even joining the old Indian on his quest to find the last surviving members of his tribe But the joy they feel on reaching the little settlement of Christian Indians iDespite the raging war between French and British, Scottish exile Duncan McCallum has begun to settle into a new life on the fringes of colonial America, traveling the woodlands with his companion Conawago, even joining the old Indian on his quest to find the last surviving members of his tribe But the joy they feel on reaching the little settlement of Christian Indians is shattered when they find its residents ritually murdered As terrible as the deaths may be, Conawago perceives something even darker and alarming he is convinced they are a sign of a terrible crisis in the spiritworld which he must resolve.Trying to make sense of the murders, Duncan is accused by the British army of the crime Escaping prison to follow the trail of evidence, he finds himself hounded by vengeful soldiers and stalked by Scottish rebels who are mysteriously trying to manipulate the war to their advantage As he pieces together the puzzle of violence and deception he gradually realizes that it may not only be the lives of Duncan and his friends that hang in the balance, but the very survival of the native tribes When he finally discovers the terrible truth, Duncan is forced to make a fateful choice between his beloved Highland clans and the woodland natives who have embraced and protected him.

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    • Larry says:

      Duncan McCallum, exiled Scot chief of a destroyed clan, becomes involved in the dangerous territory (both physical and psychic) between two worlds. He and his particular friend, Conawago, reach a village of Christianized Delaware Indians that has been ravaged by war, crime, or both. A dozen or so villagers have been killed, including a dear friend of Conawago's, and several children have been taken captive to some dark end. In addition, it appears that the robbery of a British army payroll has t [...]

    • CarolineFromConcord says:

      Although I don't know much about the French and Indian Wars (or about China's incursion into Tibet, for that matter), Eliot Pattison seems to have the history at his fingertips, whichever one he is writing about in his mysteries. Both of his series feature wise old spiritual leaders and young, troubled and outcast but brave and sensitive heroes who are fighting terrible odds of corrupt power.This latest novel, about a complex conspiracy to help the French win against the British in 18th C Coloni [...]

    • Angie Lisle says:

      Historical fiction that I recommend for fans of James Alexander Thom. Also reminiscent of The Leatherstocking Tales by James Fenimore Cooper and Michael Blake's Dances with Wolves. Because the Scottish Jacobite heritage in early America is a strong feature in this book, this story may have some appeal to fans of Diana Gabaldon, as long as readers note that Original Death isn't a love story. The main character, the Scottish exile Duncan McCallum, keeps his distance from most women because he's a [...]

    • Fran says:

      Original Death: Eliot PattisonDuncan McCallum finds himself within the confines of a prison that he never expected. Hoping to help his friend reconnect with his past, his family and heritage would bring sorrow, tragedy and sorrow. Duncan McCallum wants to help his Nipmuc friend, Conawago reconnect with his tribe and a young man named Hickory John. But, what happens will alert readers from the start that hidden dangers await these two friends and finding a dead soldier bound to the wheel in the b [...]

    • Ian says:

      Did not finish this book. It was poorly thought out, amateurish. The main character continued to make terrible decisions, getting himself further and further into trouble. Yes, an occasional slip-up is acceptable, but when the main character has no common sense, is just made to take action to enhance the sense of danger and the plot without any realism, the reader loses the sense of "suspended belief" which fiction relies on. Better luck on your next book, Mr. Author!

    • Barb in Maryland says:

      3 1/2 stars for this entry.I obviously wasn't in the mood/proper frame of mind when I read this book, because I found it a bit of a slog. The fact that it took me 9 days for a book that I normally would have read in 2-3 (and that I read 3 other good size books while working my way through this one) should have told me to put it back and try again later. However, I had been looking forward to it for months, so I persevered. Thus my disjointed reading pattern didn't help matters.I am not sure that [...]

    • Jim Gallen says:

      “Original Death” is a robbery-murder mystery set in the Middle Ground of America during the French and Indian War. The Middle Ground was that grey area where Indian and European cultures met and influenced each other so that the Indians were not totally native and the whites were not totally foreigners. It was a region of blended civilizations that depended on each other more than they cared to realize. Set in upstate New York, this is the story of Duncan McCallum, the Scottish exile who res [...]

    • Kate says:

      OK, I just love this author's books, all of them. This is the brand-new, just out, third book in the Bone Rattler series, and it kept me transfixed from start to finish. This series involves the adventures of a Highland renegade in Colonial America, who connects with what may be the last member of an Iroquois tribe the Nipmucs. Duncan McCallum, last of his own tribe, travels with Conawago, a native educated by missionaries,companion of kings and respected by both whites and Indians, who seeks to [...]

    • Margaret Wilkening says:

      Whether writing about the subjugation of Tibetan culture by the Chinese or the encroachment on the Native America culture by European powers, Eliot Pattison has a unique ability to enable the reader to submerge themselves in the struggles of a people powerless to stop the relentless progress of a dominant foe. I recommend, Bone Rattler, the first book of Pattison’s Colonial American mysteries, as a summer reading for my high school history students. The rich historical detail and the engaging [...]

    • Lisa Kearns says:

      Original Death is the third book in a series by Eliot Pattison, although the reader will be able to follow along without reading the first two. I enjoyed this book immensely, and feel that it deserves a place among some of my favorites in the same genre: Alan Eckert's Winning of America Series and James Fenimore Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales. It's intelligently written by someone who has very obviously done their research, and who has great respect for Native Americans.The story contains all th [...]

    • Shomeret says:

      I would have read Original Death by Eliot Pattison eventually because I am a fan of his Colonial American mystery series to which this book belongs. I am glad to have had the opportunity to read it a good deal sooner since I was provided with an advance copy by publicist Julia Drake.The best reason to like a mystery is a plot with unexpected twists. Original Death definitely delivers plot twists. When the revelation of whodunit finally came, I could honestly say that I didn't expect it.The chara [...]

    • Joan says:

      ORIGINAL DEATHBy Eliot PatisonEarly American History told as a novel.This is a long, convoluted account in fiction form of events in the early years of the settling of the northeastern section of the American continent wherein the British, the French, Scottish Highlanders, the Iroquois, Mohawk and less well known Indian tribes all had a hand in the tumult, wars, terrorism, death, torture, and various high spiritual qualities of the woodland Indian tribes. The main actors that move the story alon [...]

    • Deb says:

      While I generally enjoyed the gist of Original Death, I found it very difficult to concentrate on it, and found myself putting it down for an hour, then picking it up again. The mysteries, both physical and mystical, were well plotted and intricate, with an unexpected whodunit.I think the main reason I am of two minds about the book is that I was raised on and taught about the opposite side of the French-Indian War. The Huron were the decimated tribes, and the Iroquois were guilty of the same at [...]

    • Joe says:

      While the mystery portion of this books gets a bit convoluted near the end, the historical narrative is a top-notch time flash to 1760s upstate New York. This is the third series entry featuring fugitive Scottish Highlander Duncan McCallum and his Nipmuc mentor Conawago. A massacre at a "praying Indian" town leads the duo in search of Conawago's lost nephew who may be the only other living Nipmuc. As they search the wilderness, they are swept into the political intrigue between the British and F [...]

    • Cheryl says:

      Huzzah! I will admit a bias for Eliot Pattison's Duncan MacCallum series but for me this was as good as the first. Duncan and Conowago go in search of the perpetrators of a native Christian settlement massacre and get embroiled in the attack on Quebec. I don't know why I love these so much. There is no love story and a lot of war, blood and guts usually more suited to a male audience but the mysticism, nature, pacing and rich history just suck me in and I devour these. So much of this period on [...]

    • Kelly says:

      Each book in this series just seemed to get better. This is the final book in Eliot Pattison's "A Mystery of Colonial America" series. The characters in these three books will live in my mind for a long time, and I learned some very interesting things about the history of America that I didn't know before; things that aren't taught in any history books. I highly recommend this series to history buffs and anyone who loves to learn while reading and enjoying a good mystery at the same time. I cann [...]

    • Karen says:

      I absolutely loved this series! Bone Rattler, Eye of the Raven and Original Death : Eliot Pattison is a terrific writer! I had already read some of his other series on Tibet, Inspector Shan; these were fascinating and so well written. I also have another of his that is called Ashes of the Earth-an apocalyptic, future-earth type. It's difficult to do those books and be different, but he did it!I am a huge fan~

    • Lance Wright says:

      This is a superior mystery, but it is the journey that one takes with the characters that makes it all that much more special. And as strong as the plot is, it is the elegantly crafted prose, almost lyrical in the way it weaves the story, that will draw readers in. Exciting and suspenseful, often mystical and frequently cruel and violent, but always true to the characters, it is one of the best books of the year.

    • Eric Pollard says:

      Pattison brings to light the social tensions that existed a every level in pre-Revolutionary America. Racism, class-ism, religious differences all play a part as the drama unfolds along the St. Lawrence River in the later stages of what we call the French and Indian War. Loyalties and religion divide tribes, and a charismatic Indian leader seeks unlikely allies to rid the land of the avarice and superiority of England and her armies.

    • Alain Dewitt says:

      Pattison has rapidly become one of my favorite authors. In other reviews of his books, I've recounted how his writing beautifully captures the cultural essences of the societies (Tibetan in the case of the Inspector Shan books and Iroquois in the McCallum series) he writes about. And this series in particular sheds light on an important and underappreciated era of American history.

    • Phair says:

      This was the best so far in the series. It touched on some new aspects of the F&I war and focused strongly on the cultural and spiritual life of the Eastern Woodland tribes and the Iroquois League's importance. I do hope this is not the last of the Colonial Mysteries from Pattison and am only sorry that the timeline is already at the close of the F&I War which is one of my favorite eras.

    • Margaret Sankey says:

      After enjoying Pattison's detective series set in Tibet, I really thought I would enjoy this one, set in the French and Indian War. Instead, the white man gone native trope is tiresome and that said white man is also a traumatized Jacobite (as written by someone who got Jacobite history from Walter Scott) makes it ring hollow and uninvolving for me. Too bad.

    • Mariana says:

      I feel sad to finish Original Death because I appreciate intelligent characters who care for each other. I hope they find more missing kids. Europeans, especially the British, slaughtered tribes and nations. Eliot Pattison's books are a rare treat. Consider reading Skull Mantra.

    • Joshua Booher says:

      An enjoyable read if you like Pattison or the series. This story got a little more convoluted than some of his others, but still enjoyable.

    • Greg Olson says:

      While I enjoyed this book, I found the story a bit too convoluted to appreciate as much as I might have.

    • Tom says:

      Interesting but not great pre-Revolutionary War story. Could have used more action in it.

    • Ella says:

      Great read! Check out my full review at readingisawayoflife/Happy Reading!! :)

    • Susan says:

      can't get into this one

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