The Jade Cat: A Novel

The Jade Cat A Novel There is currently no description available for this title at this time

  • Title: The Jade Cat: A Novel
  • Author: Suzanne Brøgger Anne Born
  • ISBN: 9781468304350
  • Page: 162
  • Format: ebook
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      162 Suzanne Brøgger Anne Born
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      Posted by:Suzanne Brøgger Anne Born
      Published :2019-07-14T23:03:48+00:00

    There is currently no description available for this title at this time.

    Comment 162

    • J.D. says:

      I could not agree with sskwire's review any more! As I was reading this book I kept coming here to check for reviews of folks who had read it to see if I was just dense for not being able to follow this book. I was relieved to see your review, which stated in plain terms my same response to the story. The only difference is that I can not give as high a rating as they did because I'm reviewing what I had in front of me.If I knew Danish and had read the book in its original language than this wou [...]

    • Malin says:

      the story was very interesting, but the language (structure of chapters) was hard to follow or get into. I didn't care for any of the characters really, because i couldn't understand them. I read the book in swedish (but considering the original language was dansish, I don'tfeel it was due to a translation issue).

    • Lise Jean-Paul Platon says:

      Brøgger roder rundt i en skrivestil til det brede salg, mens de intertekstuelle referencer gives til de helt store verdenslitterater. Det gør bogen (og for mit vedkommende; alle hendes bøger) næsten umulige at finde rundt i. Jeg kan kun anbefale denne bog hvis du er en gribende fan af Brøgger og dermed vil igennem alle hendes værker. Ellers synes jeg du hellere skal læse de af de store forfattere som hun selv prøver at hamle op med; Molière, Voltaire ect.

    • Vivienne says:

      What I learned from this book? Wow, my family does not begin to approach the dysfunctionality of the Lovins of Denmark. The story spans three generations from about 1915 through the 1970's, and covers the globe, sexual abuse, drug abuse, mental illness, WWI and WWII, etc. Through time, the members of the family fragment from "Captains of Industry" to diplomats and cultural TV trail blazers to regular middle class folks and drug addicts/crazy bag lady.

    • sd says:

      There should be a book about the writer herself, she is a fascinating woman and has lived an interesting life,she is a jazz singer and composer as well. Her story takes place for the most part in Copenhagen and is about a very interesting family through two world wars. Fascinating book,a must read!

    • Marjanne says:

      I think this novel is a bit too esoteric for me. The story is a bit disjointed and the 'books' seemed mislabeled or they really don't mean anything. I read the whole book, but I questioned why I was reading it every 75 pages or so. Overall this wasn't bad, but I just don't think it was that great either.

    • Robert Høgh says:

      Minder om 100 års ensomhed

    • Dos says:

      It is okay but but rather long-winded

    • Sophie says:

      Ik vond het een lastig te lezen boek, moeilijk te volgen. Desondanks wil ik het over een paar jaar weer proberen. Ben benieuwd of ik er dan anders tegenaan kijk.

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