Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

Percy Jackson s Greek Gods A publisher in New York asked me to write down what I know about the Greek gods and I was like Can we do this anonymously Because I don t need the Olympians mad at me again But if it helps you to kn

  • Title: Percy Jackson's Greek Gods
  • Author: Rick Riordan John Rocco
  • ISBN: 9781484702185
  • Page: 383
  • Format: ebook
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      383 Rick Riordan John Rocco
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      Posted by:Rick Riordan John Rocco
      Published :2019-03-14T01:01:50+00:00

    A publisher in New York asked me to write down what I know about the Greek gods, and I was like, Can we do this anonymously Because I don t need the Olympians mad at me again But if it helps you to know your Greek gods, and survive an encounter with them if they ever show up in your face, then I guess writing all this down will be my good deed for the week.So begins PercA publisher in New York asked me to write down what I know about the Greek gods, and I was like, Can we do this anonymously Because I don t need the Olympians mad at me again But if it helps you to know your Greek gods, and survive an encounter with them if they ever show up in your face, then I guess writing all this down will be my good deed for the week.So begins Percy Jackson s Greek Gods, in which the son of Poseidon adds his own magic and sarcastic asides to the classics He explains how the world was created, then gives readers his personal take on a who s who of ancients, from Apollo to Zeus Percy does not hold back If you like horror shows, blood baths, lying, stealing, backstabbing, and cannibalism, then read on, because it definitely was a Golden Age for all that.

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    • Christine Riccio says:

      FINISHED THIS AND LOVED IT! Here's my review: youtube/watch?v=oBm6K

    • Natalie Monroe says:

      4.5 starsReasons to read Percy Jackson's Greek Gods to your kids (or let them read on their own without any parental censoring):1. R-rated actionThere's rape—in so many forms! Zeus ravaging Demeter as a cobra, Poseidon ravaging Demeter as a horse, Hades kidnapping Demeter's daughter, Persephone to be his wife and play footies with under the covers. Actually, throw zoophilia in there too.And incest! Zeus married his sister, Hera; Hades married his niece; Poseiden bumped uglies with his sister t [...]

    • Maureen says:

      SO FLIPPING GOOD!!! Percy is a hilarious narrator, as you would expect, and hearing about the Greek Gods from his perspective is so interesting! I listened to the audiobook and I HIGHLY recommend it!Note: don't read until you've read PJO and HOO - there are references to those that could be considered spoilers.

    • Neha says:

      Pre-Reading Review:(Real Review included below :D)Do I really need to elaborate how this book will deserve more than 5 stars? Because being a Percy Jackson and basically a Rick Riordan fan, we 'know' how awesome this book is gonna be. But if you really wanna know why, here are some reasons-1. Book Cover- FANTABULOUS COVER! Seriously, The cover says all! How can you not just get the urge to peek inside a little after seeing the cover of this book? 2. Percy's POV - Percy Jackson, who being a moder [...]

    • lucie says:

      Teacher: Does anyone know something about Greek Mythology?Me (after reading Percy Jackson's book): I wrote it many times, but one more time: You don't find better book about Greek Mythology than those from Rick Riordan. He should definitely write all text books, because he would turn studying in something you will enjoy. In this book you get to know main Greek Gods in a hilarious way, which can provide only Rick's writing style. She (Tethys) ended up marrying Oceanus, which was kind of a no-brai [...]

    • Jessy MelodyofBooks says:

      Rezension: youtu/Nm9lDT2X6zs

    • Juliana Zapata says:

      Me tomó mas tiempo del que creía terminar este libro, a pesar de que tiene como narrador a Percy Jackson que tiene un humor muy fino y una forma de narrar historias cautivadoras, sentí que el libro es muy lento.Lo primero que hay que decir es que este libro no es una historia en sí, por lo tanto no hay que esperar llegar a algún punto específico o seguir una trama como tal. Este libro son muchas, muchas historias sobre los dioses griegos (como su titulo lo dice), son principalmente cuentos [...]

    • Namratha says:

      Oh, so much fun. I am an ardent PERCY JACKSON fan. And I don't care if Rick Riordan is milking a cash cow here by spinning outspinoffs. I will read them all.Percy Jackson telling the tale of the Greek Gods, or to be more precise, his sincerely powerful and definitely dysfunctional family is pure gold. In vintage Seaweed-Brain style, the treatement of the Gods is irreverent, bordering on cheeky and utterly lacking in blind adulation. Percy tells it like it is. From Gaia who probably invented the [...]

    • Macarena Yannelli says:

      Adoré este libro. Percy contando las historias de los dioses fue una experiencia en sí. El humor y las referencias a la cultura pop fueron unas de las cosas que más me gustaron. Reseña completa en Gracias a los Libros.

    • Cri (PaperbacksandPizza) says:

      English/ItalianoFirst of all, I have to say I am not a native english speaker so, please, I prefer to not be attacked, if I made any mistakes. Instead of do that, it would be nice if you corrected me, thank you :)I wrote this review ages ago, but I’m posting it just now because I wrote it in a piece of paper and I, uhm, am a lazy person so I left the review in paper instead of writing it on computer. The reason why I didn’t write it in computer at first is because it got broken (it still is [...]

    • Hannah Cook says:

      This is easily the best book of Greek myths ever! It was interesting, I learned a lot, and best of all, it was narrated by PERCY. FREAKING. JACKSON! All the sass we know and love was back and better than ever! Also, THE FUNNY CHAPTER TITLES YESSSS! Words can't describe how much I miss the chapter titles in the Heroes of Olympus! All the stories in this book were so well put together, which in itself was great, but they were so funny! It's rare I didn't grin really big at least a few times a chap [...]

    • Julie says:

      So goddamn excited about this it's unreal.

    • Leahxx says:

      I haven't laughed so much reading a book in a while. This was so refreshing. I love Rick Riordan, and Percy obviously haha

    • Carlos. says:

      Han pasado ochenta mil años pero por fin he conseguido terminar este libro. Y mirad que me duele darle esta puntuación a Rick Riordan, pero es que ha sido un coñazo.No sé, yo cuando leo un libro de este señor espero que sea algo ameno, ligero y que me haga reír. Pero este libro era torrentes y torrentes de información que ni siquiera era gracioso. Creo que sobran muchas cosas en este libro, idk. Que a ver sé que no es una novela como tal (ni esperaba que lo fuera leyéndola) pero le falt [...]

    • Isa Cantos (Crónicas de una Merodeadora) says:

      Vale, pues esto lo acabé de leer hace unos tres días, pero se me había olvidado actualizar , así que aquí va la reseña :)¿Cuándo un libro de Rick Riordan me ha decepcionado? NUNCA. Es decir, creo que no puede haber algo mejor, más gracioso y más divertido de leer que los mitos griegos clásicos contados por Percy Jackson y sus habituales sarcasmo e ironía en un punto perfecto. Yo soy una sucker para todo lo relacionado con mitología y, por lo tanto, estoy muy enterada de los mitos y [...]

    • Marija says:

      Already giving it 5 stars because I read the first chapter and it's hilarious xD You're going to love this so muchbwiki.tumblr/post/801278 (Introduction)chbwiki.tumblr/post/801308 ( I )chbwiki.tumblr/post/801311 ( II )

    • Anne Goldschrift says:

      Wäre es nicht in dieser schrecklichen Möchtegern - Jugendsprache geschrieben worden, wäre es ein glattes 5* Buch gewesen. Aber so MUSS ich 1* abziehen! :"(

    • Sara says:

      I've read all the Percy Jackson books, and the Heroes of Olympus series, so thought I'd enjoy this. I did. Rick Riordan took on a mammoth task in compiling this book, with so many myths and legends surrounding Greek mythology. This is a great introduction to the twelve main Gods of Olympus for middle school children, with enough of the gore and violence left in to keep it interesting. By managing to stick solely to the main Gods, Riordan manages to keep the stories within the book on track, with [...]

    • Anna says:

      By the gods, I missed Percy's narrative so much that starting this book I almost physically started hurting from the rainbows that developed in my tummy. I pretty much loved The Heroes of Olympus, but third POV just didn't suit Percy at all and I think he missed some of his magic that way.Seriously, could you imagine this:"First I'll tell you how the world got made. Then I'll run down a list of gods and give you my two cents about each of them. I just hope I don't make them so mad they incinerat [...]

    • Hannah says:


    • Aimee (Aimee, Always) says:

      It's been a while since I've laughed this hard while reading! I simply adored reading from Percy's POV again. In fact, I might need to find some time to reread all the PJO books! John's illustrations were gorgeous as well--especially the ones for Demeter, Hephaestus and Ares.

    • Nabila Yousuf says:

      So, Rick Riordan strikes again. I knew it would be awesome but what I didn't know that it would be this AWESOME! And after a long time we got the whole package of Percy. Greek mythology always enchants me, but after reading this book, I am totally blown-away! It's just an epic masterpiece! I just gulped it! :D And the illustrations! They are just mind- blowing! Percy should write more often from now. It was a really really pleasant reading. I wish all my text books were written in this way.

    • Eric Boot says:

      The Percy Jackson-world is my second favourite book world of all time (after Harry Potter) and it was so fantastic to read this book. Greek mythology is one of my interests I'd probably make my job of. I learn classical Greek in school, which also teaches us about myths and gods so YES THIS WAS MY CUP OF TEA! I HAVE TO RE-READ PERCY JACKSON QUICKLY!

    • Miss Book says:

      “You're already married!" Hera protested. "To me!""Curses!" said Zeus. "Er, I mean, of course, dear.”4.75This was so good! I was always fascinated by Greek myths, but from Percy's POV the story gets even better. There was so much that I learned. And of course the humor and all modern day references were on point. Mentioning little details from the PJO and HOO just warmed my heart and made me realize how much I missed this world and the characters. However,some of them might be considered spo [...]

    • Iliana Simeonova says:

      Да съм казвала, че обожавам Рик Риърдън и че Пърси е мечтания ми полубог. Няма как да не съм го казвала и сигурно вече се повтарям за 100 път. Но хора това е положението. Как по-точно да не се увлечеш от начина на писане на Риърдън или как да не се влюбиш в хумора и смелостта на Пъ [...]

    • Pranta Ghosh Dastider says:

      You know my buddy Percy Jackson, right? If you don't, then a big WHAT for you. Go and know him already. You might not know me. I am but a human friend of Percy. My name is Jersey Faction. I live in Boston. Happy with my mom and dad (they are both human btw! No gods were involved in the conspiracy of bringing me to Earth. Lucky me!) . I don't go to school (I just read at home. No curriculum studies or such bullshit, only fiction. Hey! don't complain. I am a fiction myself, so I am allowed to be a [...]

    • Sesana says:

      The major Greek gods, as described by Percy Jackson. Sounded good to me! I expected Percy's trademark snark, and I got plenty of that. I didn't expect it to be so detailed. I probably should have. I've never known Riordan to skimp on the research. I guess I just didn't realize how big this book would be: 300+ pages in a large-scale book. Sure, it's illustrated, but not heavily. I'm surprised to note that this is one of the most informative books of Greek myths I've ever read. Obviously, Annabeth [...]

    • Diana says:

      Es increíble como Rick Riordan logra hacer que la mitología griega sea algo divertido, fascinante y fácil de aprender.Este libro es maravilloso. Para aquellos que al igual que yo vienen siguiendo desde hace tiempo la historia de Percy Jackson, estoy segura que fue toda una delicia volver a leer a Percy narrando en primera persona como en la primera saga, así como los divertidos títulos de los capítulos. Sinceramente es algo que extrañaba demasiado, nada como tenerlo a él contándonos las [...]

    • Julia says:

      3,5 SterneJetzt, wo ich gerade sonst nicht wirklich was zu tun habe (*hust*theorethisch*hust*), schreibe ich auch ein paar Worte zu den Göttersagen. =)Ich glaube, ich habe das irgendwo (in einem Status Update?) mal erwähnt, aber ich wiederhole: Ich finde, Inhalt und Schreibstil passen hier SEHR gut zu einander. Es ist gut möglich, dass das zu einem Großteil daran liegt, weil man Percy jackson eh schon mit der griechischen Mythologie verbindet. Aber ich finde, die Sagen sind teilweise so unwa [...]

    • TL says:

      If this had been the regular book, I probably wouldn't have finished but hearing Percy narrate made this book so much fun to listen to :)I cracked up quite a few times at Percy's comments and the way he told the stories. (The Ares and Aphrodite getting caught by Hephaestus's net and the Typhon/Typhoeus stories were my favorites. One part of the latter story however made me glad I wasn't eating).Hearing some of these punishments had me wanting to smack or shake the gods some of them got offended [...]

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