We Own the Night

We Own the Night Happy midnight my fellow Niteowls As a candy store employee by day and mysterious deejay Niteowl by night eighteen year old Ingrid North is stuck between rock n roll and a hard place She can t wait

  • Title: We Own the Night
  • Author: Ashley Poston
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: ebook
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      265 Ashley Poston
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    Happy midnight, my fellow Niteowls As a candy store employee by day, and mysterious deejay Niteowl by night, eighteen year old Ingrid North is stuck between rock n roll and a hard place She can t wait to get out of her tiny hometown of Steadfast, Nebraska population three hundred and forty seven to chase her dreams, but small town troubles keep getting in the way Happy midnight, my fellow Niteowls As a candy store employee by day, and mysterious deejay Niteowl by night, eighteen year old Ingrid North is stuck between rock n roll and a hard place She can t wait to get out of her tiny hometown of Steadfast, Nebraska population three hundred and forty seven to chase her dreams, but small town troubles keep getting in the way She can t abandon her grandmother with Alzheimer s, or her best friend Micah who she may or may not be in love with.But for one hour each Saturday, she escapes all of that On air, she isn t timid, ugly sweater wearing Ingrid North She s the funny and daring Niteowl Every boy s manic pixie dream girl Fearless And there is one caller in particular Dark and Brooding whose raspy laugh and snarky humor is just sexy enough to take her mind off Micah Not that she s in love with Micah or anything Cause she s not As her grandmother slips further away and Micah begins dating a Mean Girls worthy nightmare, Ingrid runs to the mysterious Dark and Brooding as a disembodied voice to lean on, only to fall down a rabbit hole of punk rockstars, tabloid headlines, and kisses that taste like bubble tea But the man behind the voice could be surprising in all the right, and wrong, ways.And she just might find that her real life begins when Niteowl goes off the air.

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    • Ashley Poston says:

      Hi there! So, I wrote this thing. WE OWN THE NIGHT is everything I wanted to write in a contemporary -- basically, if Sleepless in Seattle and St. Elmo's Fire had a baby, this would be that baby's lovechild with Green Day's American Idiot. It's about home, and missing home, and always having a home, and it's about one deejay's love story, told exclusively across the airwaves.

    • Stacee says:

      2.5 stars I loved the idea of this book and that cover, so I was eager to start reading it. Ingrid is a decent MC. She's smart and has an idea of what she wants to do, but doesn't go after it. She's struggling with some things, so I get that she's stressed out, but she was quite a push over.I loved LD and Billie, but Micah was just meh. What I didn't understand was how this group of friends because friends. I would have liked just a bit more on the history side. The plot was good and I was inter [...]

    • Samantha says:

      D'AWWWW! That's what this was. We Own the Night is cute, sweet, and short. It is a delightful, heartfelt little romance that is perfect for kicking off the real start of summer. It is heartwarming, funny, surprisingly surprising (see what I did there?), and overall just a wonderful read. I'm in love.Full of clever writing, dark and brooding characters, and an overall sense of quirkiness, We Own the Night is a light-hearted and unique summer adventure.

    • ALEXA says:

      OH MY GOODNESS! This book is a delight, and I am still kind of grinning silly over how it ends. While I do have a few personal reservations, I still wound up enjoying it overall. Perfect contemporary to indulge in during summertime!

    • Nita says:

      I absolutely loved this book. Ashley has a gift with contemporary YA, and the characters in this one are especially amazing. Add this to your to-read lists for sure, because I really couldn't put it down. :D

    • says:

      4 “Golden Boy” STARSARC via NetGalleyThank you, Bloomsbury SparkSo this was a pleasant surprise.I have to confess that “We Own the Night” was one of those books I requested because of its beautiful cover. The blurb was pretty cool, too, but I hadn’t heard anything about the story or the author prior to seeing it on NetGalley. This time, the cover didn’t steer me wrong.The book promised a fun and cute read and it delivered just that. Not to say that it didn’t have some serious and h [...]

    • Anna says:

      This book was a cute insight to deeper topics, fresh with pop culture references and cute romance as well as coming-of-age realizations and questions of morality and moving forward.To start off A few random things I specifically liked and want to mention:-You get the idea that Ingrid is on the chubby side, but she doesn't care. I love that.-Ingrid's best friend, LD, is a really well-thought out character, and her development alongside Ingrid was wonderful.-The last 25% of the book took a sort of [...]

    • Zoey Talbon says:

      I'm going to get straight to the point here: We Own the Night probably isn't the kind of contemporary that I would read over and over again like, say, Anna and the French Kiss or My Life Next Door, but it's fun, it's quick, and surprisingly emotional. As in I almost cried a few times.Ingrid North is trapped. In her tiny town, in her life, in her head. She feels like she's stuck in Nebraska working in a store where she's miserable forever, and while her friends are moving on, she feels left behin [...]

    • Lefty Reads says:

      I definitely didn't know what to expect going into this novel. I'm not sure why, but I just kinda thought it would be not-great, and I wasn't actually looking forward to reading it. But WOWZA BUDDY WAS I WRONG. I'm incredibly impressed by this novel. I loved every second of it! So, I had a tough time thinking up a rating of this book, because it isn't necessarily the most original story, and it's probably not a book that I'm going to constantly fangirl over and shove in people's hands. This is t [...]

    • Just Another Bookish Blog says:

      If I had to choose one word to describe We Own the Night, it’s cute. This was such a cute, relatable story, from A to Z and back. More than the story, which was sweet, what stood out to me was the characters. The story is simple enough - Ingrid and her friends, Micah, Billie and LD graduate from highschool and try to figure out themselves over the summer. Ingrid keeps a secret, one she’s not willing to tell anyone. The book is about trust, friendship and family. Ingrid is the kind of person [...]

    • Starlight says:

      *I received a free ebook copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley.* As of this late, contemporary, post-high school, pre-college books are officially my thing. Saying goodbye to the past, embracing the future, and experiencing new things are all part of my near future as I prepare to graduate from high school (I'm graduating today, actually!) and leave to college next year, as they are part of Ingrid North's life in this novel. While our lives are very different (I attended a large sch [...]

    • Cheyanne Young says:

      This book was so well written, funny, and heartwarming! I haven't read the first book in this series but now I'm going to. I loved how all of the characters felt real and they all had their own stuff going on. Ingrid was a great MC, literally, both as a book character and on the radio. The radio bits were my FAVORITE parts of this book. You don't normally see teen characters having those sorts of jobs, and I thought it was fascinating. Dark and Brooding kept me guessing throughout the entire boo [...]

    • Lissa says:

      I was rooting for Ingrid as she faced the challenges throughout the book. Ingrid and her friends have just graduated high school and this book borders on the upper limits of YA. This is the kind of great immersive romance novel that invokes the unbelievable coincidences that we see in movies but the reader can get caught up in the drama anyway. Not entirely believable but a great story anyway. I read the companion novel "The Sound of Us" right afterward and highly recommend it also.

    • Sarah (What Sarah Read) says:

      Super cute and filled with feels. This is a strong 3.5 stars for me. Review to come.

    • Eric Smith says:

      Seriously. I need it.

    • Eve says:

      LD, Billie, Micah and Ingrid are best friends who know how to party hard when we meet them first. The stoey focuses on Ingrid as we learn about her, she got into NYU for her future studies but stays at home being her grandma's carer.Of the group, Billie and Ingrid are close, with him often talking about his dad with her. They also share a maze together as a hideaway as well as a tower pointing North alike Billie's nickname for her.Yet, Micah and Ingrid kissed before and Ingrid likes him while he [...]

    • Billie Flaming says:

      WOW. GOOD BOOK IS GREAT. This really surprised me. The romance was unbelievably sweet, but there were a lot of hurdles that needed to be dealt with before things got to happen. A lot of the plot twisted in unconventional ways, which I LOVED. The things you expect upon reading the cover/summary don’t happen, which is fun and sort of rare if you read as much stuff as I do. I can’t give the moments of friendship in here enough props. Micah was kind of meh, and if I have a problem with the book [...]

    • Melissa says:

      This was a good story that could have been great, with a little more development of the male characters and a little more exploration of Ingrid's own character development. It also definitely needed better editing (lots of mistaken gender descriptors, etc).

    • Trish Heinrich says:

      WonderfulSome of the best books help us escape our lives when it gets tough and let us sink into their simplicity. That's this book. Simple and perfect.

    • Jill says:

      Ingrid “Iggy” North lives in Steadfast, Nebraska, a town of 347 people, and is about to graduate from high school (in a class of 23 seniors). She would love to get out of Steadfast, where she feels everyone is labeled and pinned forever, but she can’t abandon her grandmother, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Grams has always stuck with Ingrid. Ingrid's mom picked up and left when Ingrid was little, Ingrid never knew her dad, her cats and goldfish all died, most of her schoolmates [...]

    • Holly Storrow says:

      This review was originally posted on Book Twister ReviewsWe Own the Night by Ashley Poston is the kind of feel-good YA novel that most young-at-heart readers can get behind. It's witty, youthful, and chock full of fresh-from-high school drama. But Poston included a lot of heart in her second novel in the Radio Hearts series, and that's what makes We Own the Night so good.The novel follows Iggy, aka Ingrid North, aka Niteowl, a girl embarking on her summer after high school graduation - a time th [...]

    • Eli says:

      What an incredible surprise.I had two main reservations about this book before I started it.The first was that it was published by Bloomsbury Spark. Don't get me wrong; I love Bloomsbury, and I have nothing against Bloomsbury Spark. It's just that the last time I reviewed Bloomsbury Spark books on the blog, they were from the Spark sampler. Most of the books in that sampler felt way more NA to me than YA, and I don't read NA. They weren't my type of stories, that's all.The second was that this i [...]

    • Katherine Paschal says:

      I was completely caught off guard by this book and my feelings towards it. I thought it sounded cute a few months ago when I originally stumbled over it, but then I promptly forgot about all about it. When it made its way to the top of my to-read list, I had no expectations about what I was going to get. I apologize in advance for the potentially verbose review, but I have a lot of feelings to get through here. This was probably one of the most emotional, pull-on-my-heartstrings, book that I hav [...]

    • Ilena says:

      You can also find this review at Owl Always Be Reading.owlalwaysbereading/201I received an eARC from Netgalley and the publishers in exchange for an honest review.We Own the Night by Ashley Poston was a fun contemporary YA read! The fact that I couldn't put it down was a big indicator. The author herself describes this novel as a Sleepless in Seattle meets St. Elmo's Fire, with a little Green Day's "American Idiot" mixed in. And I think this description is highly accurate. It also explains her a [...]

    • Carrie says:

      3.5 starsI found We Own The Night by Ashley Poston to be:*A Surprise Companion Novel*Slow Start*Fascinating Radio Scenes *Some Great MomentsWhen I first saw We Own The Night up on NetGalley, I was intrigued. The cover drew me in and the premise sounded interesting so I immediately requested it.Upon adding it to my currently reading shelf I noticed that it was book two in the Radio Hearts series. I do not know if that was why I had a hard time getting into the story or if it was the book itself. [...]

    • Cassie says:

      WOW! WOW! WOW! We Own the Night is the perfect summery read. It is definitely an attention-grabbing and fast-paced novel (I read it in less than 5 hours, maybe 4), with heart-pounding moments, and a main character worth rooting for. From the first page, we are introduced to a young radio deejay named NiteOwl, who is going through the many motions of crushes, teenage life dilemmas, and graduating high school. NiteOwl turns out to be the main character, Ingrid North, a small town Nebraska native w [...]

    • Cathy says:

      This is a book about taking risks, growing up and finding yourself. Ashley Poston did an amazing job writing this story of four friends who couldn’t be more different from one another but who will always be intertwined with memories. The main focus of Ingrid North was a story I could relate to on some levels, and I definitely was immediately invested in her and all the feels that came along with her story. This book was a wonderfully written and I haven’t read anything this good that kept me [...]

    • Kate Campbell says:

      I received We Own the Night from NetGalley, which does not affect my opinions/views expressed in the review. *Beware: Some spoilers/plot elements are mentioned*There is something about YA romance that sets my heart a flutter.            This was my first Ashley Poston novel and I was not disappointed!  Steadfast, Nebraska is a small town and everyone knows everyone.  That makes secrets hard to keep and for a group of teens, even harder.  I loved Ingrid, or North as she was called, as a [...]

    • Vanessa says:

      This review was originally posted over at Cross My Heart and Hope to ReadAn e-arc was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you very much!So I found this title over at Netgalley and, after reading the synopsis, knew that I had to have it! Thankfully I was approved for an e-arc of this book and I couldn't be more happier because of it. I also didn't know that this was the second book in what appears to be a companion series. Thankfully you don't have to r [...]

    • Aditi ~ •A Thousand Words A Million Books says:

      AS SEEN ON: A THOUSAND WORDS A MILLION BOOKS“Sometimes people are just too big for the places that keep them.”I read this book in a matter of hours, (Read Fine Print: I read this book in two hours, at 1 a.m. in the night) and while I sped read this fast paced book, I loved some parts and had issues with others.What I Loved about We Own The Night: 1. BEST FRIEND ROMANCE: Y’ALL KNOW THIS IS MY ACHILLES HEEL IN ALL COMTEMPORARY PLOTS. I cannot resist it, and I automatically get pulled in. It [...]

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