Asher Beauregard Attempts to Give a Damn

Asher Beauregard Attempts to Give a Damn With a sold out tour looming and intense media attention on their every move the Artificial Hearts are the hottest rock act in the world It s just a matter of time until newfound fame illuminates a p

  • Title: Asher Beauregard Attempts to Give a Damn
  • Author: Thursday Euclid
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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      148 Thursday Euclid
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    With a sold out tour looming and intense media attention on their every move, the Artificial Hearts are the hottest rock act in the world It s just a matter of time until newfound fame illuminates a past Asher Beauregard would rather leave in the shadows When he meets Leo Harpstedt, the irresistible frontman for the opening act, undeniable chemistry draws them together,With a sold out tour looming and intense media attention on their every move, the Artificial Hearts are the hottest rock act in the world It s just a matter of time until newfound fame illuminates a past Asher Beauregard would rather leave in the shadows When he meets Leo Harpstedt, the irresistible frontman for the opening act, undeniable chemistry draws them together, but Asher s secrecy and emotional scars keep Leo at a safe distance.Posh and well adjusted despite the blue hair, Englishman Leo comes from a world that Asher, a Louisiana born high school dropout, can t imagine, never mind inhabit, but as first the Artificial Hearts manager and then the tour throw them together, the tension between them grows uncontrollable Leo s seeming confusion about his sexuality and Asher s refusal to let go of the persona and be vulnerable threaten to destroy the tender friendship they ve built living and working together.With help from his drag queen stylist, lesbian sound tech, and a lead guitarist with secrets of his own, can Asher overcome the public revelation of his deepest secrets and seize this chance at love Copyright Thursday Euclid

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    • Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆ says:

      "I wanted to be better for you than these bastards that surround you." Leo's Adam's apple bobbed. He failed to meet Asher's steady gaze. "But it's like you force everyone to use you. You have this"Sounds kinda sweet outta context. But this come right after Leo gets Asher to ream his ass, while he jerks off with Asher's hair wrapped around his cock. Then, doesn't even have the courtesy to offer to get Asher off in return. You're gonna go on and on about him allowing others to use him, AFTER you j [...]

    • Janeylou says:

      3.5 stars

    • Jo * Smut-Dickted * says:

      Wow did I waver on this one. The first 65% I was at a solid 2 star. I have so many thoughts. So many. This is one of the most tragic books I've read not due to circumstances but due to misunderstandings and not believing you as a person deserve anything. Asher was fucked up. Seriously so. Leo was an ass. Then the language - the "big" words - just pulled me out of the story every time. I mean it was damn hard to believe a high school dropout from Louisiana raised by a preaching mom could know tho [...]

    • Wende says:

      Asher is a hard character to understand. He acts perfect and is put together perfect. He sells himself to his fans and to the people who depend on him. Every time he has to push the real him further down inside himself his inner demons get closer to coming out. He keeps deadening his pain with drugs. He was on a downward spiral that was leading to death. Leo was a man who worshiped Asher and wanted nothing more than Asher. I found Leo quite possibly a douche bag. I didn't like him. By the end of [...]

    • Mandapanda says:

      Had trouble following this one. Not sure if it was because I wasn't pulled in by the story or the writing kept me at a distance. One good thing was that it reminded me of how much I loved Black Gold which I immediately reread!

    • ItsAboutTheBook says:

      Review can be read at It's About The Book3.5 starsI adore rocker books about broken men so this one practically had a beacon calling me to it. Something I do not love is too much angst. I can only take so much. Which this book was very heavy on. So when reading this review please keep this in mind. Many people will love it.This book also features a very broken character who seems to have mush brain most of the time. Ash is just willing to do what he’s told as long as he doesn’t have to feel [...]

    • Alex Akira says:

      Of the many male/male romance books that I have read revolving around a rock musician and the rowdy music tour lifestyle, this is possibly the only one to which I can enthusiastically gift the title “rock opera.” A feast of tangled emotions, tragedy, hope, and sacrifice is magically melded with a world of fashion, beauty, sex, and music to produce a beautifully cadenced story of love and reclamation. The Asher Beauregard experience is not to be missed. From his smoky Louisiana Creole accent, [...]

    • Caroline Brand says:

      REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.5 StarsThis book was recommended to me by another author whose rock stars are some of my favourite characters in the MM genre. Her words were “It’s delicious” and as I like delicious I had to give it a go.I’ve actually sat on this review for a couple of days as this book is probably one of the hardest ones I have had to write up in a while. I have never had a book before where I felt so angry with the characters, so engrossed in the story and so in awe o [...]

    • Clancy Nacht says:

      This is not an unbiased review. That said, what is a review if not a reflection of our sensibilities and biases? I bring it up because Thursday Euclid, the author, is my writing partner. That said, I would never allow a friend to leave the house with their fly open, nor would I encourage a friend to publish something I didn’t think was very good.Fortunately for everyone involved, Asher Beauregard Attempts to Give a Damn is very good.It is angsty, very angsty and there’s a lot of darkness to [...]

    • Kris says:

      I received a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads4 1/2 stars. I wholeheartedly enjoyed this read. Asher Beauregard was the perfect ruined rock star, front man. His past was tainted by a homophobic mother and several horrible run ins with closeted gays who blamed him for their transgressions. Leaving home at 17 to live on the streets, Asher's seen and done it all. It all added up to the best in tortured artist with a heart of gold. I adored Asher, his introspection and self loath [...]

    • Joyfully Jay says:

      A Joyfully Jay review. 4.75 starsFrom the first word it is easy to be a fan of Asher. From his attitude, to his musical choices, to his French Creole accent, there is a lot to like here. The story is told solely from Asher’s point of view and at times it is hard, brutal, and punishing. His life has always been a struggle, from adults that took advantage of him, to his mother and first love inflicting violence. Now, his manager puts him in all kinds of situations and Asher is so lost most of th [...]

    • Ruth M says:

      I've been agonizing over reviewing this book. Every time I try and write something it doesn't seem to do the book justice. Asher is tortured. He comes from dark beginnings that we learn about as the story progresses and it becomes painfully obvious that this dark history is why his music is so universally loved. Whether a tortured artist has more to create or misery loves company, it works. I felt strong feels for Asher throughout the book and while I wanted to scoop him up and protect him from [...]

    • Ruthie Taylor says:

      ~~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads~~This is a hot rockstar MM read which does a good job of bringing to life the less acceptable side of the business, as well as the intensity under which the up and coming stars have to cope with and survive. It is hot, naughty and pretty emotional reading. I liked the language, the passion and the confusion. Did I think that the too and fro went on too long ? yes, but it got there in the end, and by then I was just happy i [...]

    • Dana says:

      This is my first read from this author, but I was recommended the series by another author whose rocker series I loved. It did take me a few pages to really feel this story, but once I connected, I was in it for the long haul. Even though I can't say I've ever been through what Asher has, I could really feel his emotions, I related to him 100%. There is a part of the book where the rockstar speaks to his audience about the songs he sings being their songs. His particular experiences weren't thei [...]

    • J. Vaughn says:

      5*I fell hard for beautiful, broken Asher. Unbelievably talented and sweet despite the cruelty that life has shown him, he's almost too damaged to ever trust anyone again, let alone fall in love. Enter Leo: young, gorgeous, and starstruck. He sets out to save Ash, but ends up getting in way over his head with the depth of Asher's pain. Their love story is fraught with obstacles and setbacks, but (view spoiler)[ eventually Leo convinces Ash of the sincerity of his love -- sigh.(hide spoiler)]Well [...]

    • Elisa Rolle says:

      Asher Beauregard Attempts to Give a Damn by Thursday Euclid: reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwid 2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

    • Donna says:

      I found it strange when looking through other reviews for this book, that so many negative things were being said about it. So, I guess what is really strange is that I really loved it! It spoke to me in a way that "rock star" stories normally don't. I did think that Leo misstepped a time or three, but as a general rule he was basically flying blind here and considering he was swimming upstream against the abusive nature of the people that were supposed to be helping and taking care of Asher I t [...]

    • Heather♥ says:

      3.5 starsSexy rock star with long silky hair and tattoos? I'm in. That same rock star falling in love with another singer who happens to have blue hair and a British accent? Let the games begin.Asher's constant struggle to accept (or even understand) that he was worthy of friendship and love was often difficult to read. You could feel his loneliness and pain (which he would repeatedly numb with drugs and alcohol) and there seemed to be no one in his corner. Not even his fellow band members. His [...]

    • Asynia says:

      This story didn’t work for me. At all. Poor abused Asher lives in the Hell of a junkie rock star who is constantly used and abused by pretty much everyone around him, even by the book’s other MC, Leo. I refuse to call Leo a “love interest” because what he gives Asher isn’t love, not as I see it. The blurb describes Leo as “well-adjusted”, if Leo’s well-adjusted then I might as well ask that nice Mr Lecter over for dinner, he seems so sane, and very hungry.Asher has lived through [...]

    • Z. Allora says:

      (Disclosure: I know & adore Thursday but that doesn't change the fact he's an incredible writer and I love hot rocker series)Asher & Leo are each enthralling in their own right. I don't know who I love more as I read about their struggle to get pass obstacles as well as their own baggage to be together. Their story is raw and painful in parts But I also giggled and soared with joy as they have small and big wins throughout the book. Thursday's intelligence screams through. It's an amazin [...]

    • Clarene says:

      between 3 and 4 stars.I had a very difficult time with how self destructive Asher is. And how much did I hate Hanlon and what type of person is he. How awful of a person was he. I really struggled a bit with the French Creole or what ever the dialect was.

    • Pamela Su says:

      This dragged for me and I was bored for most of the story.I wasn't able to connect to the characters on any level and I just wasn't invested in the romance. Something about the story and/or writing just didn't work for me. The premise was interesting though.

    • Lily says:

      3.5 stars. An engaging story for me, with plenty of angst and miscommunication. I liked how Asher was developed as a protagonist. A few secondary characters gave a colourful dimension to the plot, but Leo was too ambivalent and frustrating at times.

    • Libbsmm says:

      4.75 stars

    • Tamara (緑) says:

      DNF at 9%I don't like the writing style, MCs voice nor the atmosphere. This book is not for me so DNF.

    • Trixie Rose says:

      Decent premise and good plot but not nearly enough sex for me. Too much build up and almost no pay off.

    • Theodora IK says:

      There were times I cried and there were times I wished Asher were real so I could enjoy his music.

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