Mooie meisjes

Mooie meisjes Wanneer op het nieuws melding wordt gemaakt van een vermist meisje moet Claire Scott ongewild terugdenken aan haar eigen zusje Zij verdween twintig jaar geleden en het mysterie is nooit opgelost Maa

  • Title: Mooie meisjes
  • Author: Karin Slaughter Ineke Lenting
  • ISBN: 9789023491095
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
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    • È Mooie meisjes || ¶ PDF Read by ☆ Karin Slaughter Ineke Lenting
      278 Karin Slaughter Ineke Lenting
    • thumbnail Title: È Mooie meisjes || ¶ PDF Read by ☆ Karin Slaughter Ineke Lenting
      Posted by:Karin Slaughter Ineke Lenting
      Published :2020-03-18T03:24:26+00:00

    Wanneer op het nieuws melding wordt gemaakt van een vermist meisje, moet Claire Scott ongewild terugdenken aan haar eigen zusje Zij verdween twintig jaar geleden, en het mysterie is nooit opgelost Maar wanneer Claire alsnog de waarheid over de verdwijning van haar zus ontdekt, zal haar leven nooit meer hetzelfde zijn.

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    • Karin Slaughter says:

      Authors are always asked where they get their ideas, and the truth is that most of the time we don't know. An idea is a weird thing--usually, it's like a grain of sand that your brain worries into a pearl. When did the sand start to turn into something shiny and beautiful? No way to know.WIth PRETTY GIRLS I actually know when I got the idea. Maybe it was somewhere in the back of my brain all along, but I actually woke up from a dream and had the idea firmly in my head (okay, that doesn't tell yo [...]

    • Deanna says:

      In 1991 Julia Carroll disappeared. Her body was never found. In the following years the family coped in very different ways. The mother while forever quietly grieving, moved on and made a new life for herself. The father spent years looking for any clue as to what happened. Sisters Claire and Lydia grieved in very different ways and were estranged having not spoken in many years. Now over twenty years later, there has been another disappearance of a teenage girl and a murder of a middle-aged man [...]

    • Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

      My reaction to learning a new book was out by one of my favorite authors.A new Karin Slaughter!!!!!!!!My reaction after reading this book.I love this author. I fangirl so hard over her Grant County/Will Trent books so much that if I go anywhere that has them I must be restrained from recommending that people read them. Yes, Library ladies I will try and behave.But this one. Not.It didn't even feel like it was written by the same author that I love.It starts off with Claire Scott. She is a typica [...]

    • Chelsea Humphrey says:

      I just want to start by saying I don't want to list any spoilers here; I think this book was so powerful that I would hate to discourage someone from reading it because I took away from their experience before even beginning the book.Wow! This book was heavy. I just can't think of a better word to sum up how I feel after finishing this. I'm glad I spaced it out instead of devouring it like I wanted to initially. I've seen many people torn on this book and I understand why; it is EXTREMELY graphi [...]

    • Mandy says:

      This book was so damn freaking spectacular that I don't even know where to start. This has climbed to the top of my list as my favorite psychological thriller ever. This tops Dark Places and That Night and I never thought that would happen! For any book to triumph over those is a win for me :) although they are still right behind this book.I've never read a book like this. There are so many twists and turns a race car driver would have trouble navigating. I literally cannot stop thinking about a [...]

    • Candace says:

      Check out more of my reviews at bookaddicthavenWow! This was one dark and disturbing story. I love dark reads, but this was pretty gruesome for me at times. I was at the edge of my seat from start to finish with this one. I even had nightmares about this book. As I start to write this review, just thinking about it is giving me the chills. It was just that messed up.When Claire Scott is widowed by her wealthy, seemingly perfect husband, she is left to pick up the pieces. With the FBI and the loc [...]

    • Will Byrnes says:

      The world stops for you when you’re pretty. That’s why women spend billions on crap for their faces. Their whole life, they’re the center of attention. People want to be around them just because they’re attractive. Their jokes are funnier. Their lives are better.Well, there might be some downsides. Pretty Girls is a white-knuckle thriller that will keep you turning the pages long after you should really have gone to sleep. Do not read this while on a train. You will miss your stop. The s [...]

    • Aestas Book Blog says:

      ::: FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED :::: HOLY HELL. So, I just spent the last 2 days reading this awesome book. It went waaaaaay the freaking hell outside of my "usual" reading preferences. The genre is more of a crime thriller (no romance) which I almost never read but this particular blurb really grabbed me. So I opened the book. By the end of the prologue, I had CHILLS running through me and tears in my eyes. So, I had to read it!!! And honestly I loved it!!But you guys, it is NOT for the faint of [...]

    • Megan Johnson says:

      What would you do if suddenly everything you thought you knew was ripped away from you and you were left to figure out how to make it all on your own? What if that wasn't all and you were also faced with uncovering the dark and wicked pasts of those you thought you loved?Karin Slaughter's Pretty Girls asks all of the questions and then answers them in the creepiest way I can imagine. It's been a while since I laid in bed at night hoping that what I had just read doesn't give me nightmares, but t [...]

    • Kaceey says:

      So incredibly good!The shattering of a family as told from the perspective of the remaining members. Julia goes missing one night at age 19, following an evening out with her college friends to a local bar. Julia's 2 sisters Claire and Lydia, grow up in the shadow of her disappearance and take different paths in their lives. 24 years later her family remains in shambles. A recent, tragic event brings Julia and Lydia back together. Can they finally discover what happened to their sister? Shocking [...]

    • Carol says:

      "When you first disappeared, your mother warned me that finding out exactly what happened to you would be worse than never knowing." Oh. How. TrueETTY GIRLS is a story about the unexplained disappearance of one missing sister (of three) named Julia, and the devastating after-affects of her loss. It is also a story about a sick and sadistic psychopath who works his evil in despicable ways that are graphically described within these pages which should serve as a warning to those opposed to reading [...]

    • Maxine (Booklover Catlady) says:

      I've been late to the table as a Karin Slaughter fan, hard to believe as a crime fiction lover. I adored her book Cop Town and was excited to read this new stand alone thriller.With a missing girl in the news, Claire Scott can’t help but be reminded of her sister, who disappeared twenty years ago in a mystery that was never solved.But when Claire begins to learn the truth about her sister, nothing will ever be the same.I found this book to have an interesting plot if somewhat up and down in pa [...]

    • Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

      Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/I straight up chucked this book to the side waaaaaaay back in August for daring to mention the two words in the English language I hate the most . . . PUMPKIN SPICE. Seriously people, enough is enough . . . I mean really, a combo of nutmeg and cinnamon is what will destroy this world. Have you ever watched a cinnamon challenge? A tablespoon of the stuff is enough to murder you. Anyway, now that the season which shall not again be named has passed, I’ve [...]

    • Elyse says:

      Before the story begins, there is an inscription by Carl Jung"A Particularly Beautiful Woman Is A Source Of Terror""Missing teenage girl. White. Middle class. Very Pretty. No one ever seemed quite as outraged when an ugly woman went missing"."Tragic, she was so beautiful". "You were nineteen years old. Legally, you did not belong to us anymore". "This is what we knew: You were in a bar. You didn't drink any more than usual. You told your friends that you weren't feeling well and that you were go [...]

    • Brenda says:

      Construction: I read Chapter i and thought it was a prologue. I read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 and then there was Chapter ii. I had to stop to look at the construction of this book. I went back to re-read Chapter i then read Chapter ii, and I was just blown away. Chapter ii is a brilliant piece of writing!Characters: The major characters are two parents with three teenage daughters. Julia, who we met in the Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes novella, goes missing at the age of 19. Father Sam who never gives u [...]

    • Linda says:

      I've not read anything before by Karin Slaughter. Believe me, this was probably not the one to start with. The subject matter is heavy, heavy, dark, dark.Ms. Slaughter can give you precise, intricate details of a crime like no other. She makes you feel like you are watching your foot placement as you tread through the crime scene with bated breath. Your brain is filled with such terrible imaginings.This story focuses on a missing sister from the past and a missing girl of the present. Karin Slau [...]

    • Zoeytron says:

      My first Karin Slaughter novel. There will be more. I kept thinking of that line from the movie Demolition Man, "Murder, death, kill.". Here, it was almost overkill, but it did not stop me from flipping through the pages at a prodigious rate. The graphic depictions of torture and rape could have been dialed back significantly and this would have still been one helluva page-turner. With thousands of reviews sitting out there, it is doubtful that I can add anything that hasn't already been said, s [...]

    • Vane J. says:

      3.5 out of 5 starsIt’s been a little more than 20 years since Lydia and Claire’s sister Julia disappeared without a trace. Now, after some rather disastrous events, Claire’s husband gets killed and some things start to lead back to Julia. Secrets accumulate and Claire is no longer sure the man she married is indeed who she thought he was. What is the truth and what does it have to do with Julia?It is no secret I love reading thrillers, but lately I’ve been disappointed. They turn out as [...]

    • Alex is The Romance Fox says:

      I am a big fan of Karen Slaughter and her Grant County and Will Trent Series are one of my favorite crime/thriller series.Pretty Girls is one of her standalone books and it was quite a disturbing and sad story.The chilling prologue pulled me immediately into this story. What happens when someone in your family disappears and is never found again? That’s what happens to the Carroll family, when their eldest daughter vanishes without a clue, without a reason.The family is shattered and results i [...]

    • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede says:

      This is the first Karin Slaughter book I have read. Before I read the book did read the short novella Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes that precedes the story in this book and I was quite looking forward to reading the book since the story about a missing girl and the two sisters left behind seemed very interesting.And, the book was good for around 60% and then it just lost steam and my interest in the book and I felt not the usual feeling I get when the book is starting to get close to the ending, the fe [...]

    • Rebbie says:

      This book might need a trigger warning for those with genuine PTSD because of its brutal violence. Normally I'd steer clear of suggesting that someone might have a hard time with a book, but this one is particularly gruesome and gory. A lot of people like that sort of thing, but I personally felt overwhelmed beginning around the 30% mark, and it didn't really let up until the end. I didn't have a problem with the violence until that point, but then it just got to be too much, especially because [...]

    • Norma says:

      Wow! I have never read anything by Karin Slaughter before and I was a little bit apprehensive to start with this particular book because of some of the things I was hearing about the subject matter of this one. I thought it was absolutely one of the best dark, psychological thrillers that I have read! It was an absolutely intense read with shocking twists that had me totally engrossed in every single page I was reading! I could not put this down, it was so good! I am looking forward to reading m [...]

    • Geri Reads says:

      This was engrossing. There were some plot devices that I thought was just OTT and cliched but overall, still good. When I started reading this, I could not put it down. And oh, I'd totally forgotten how unlikable Karin Slaughter's heroines are and this one was no exception. Claire -- well, let's just say that if I know Claire in real life, I wouldn't want to be friends with her. She sleeps with other people's husbands and still manage to maintain her holier-than-thou attitude. That's got to be a [...]

    • Gary says:

      I would like to thank Net Galley and Random House for sending me a copy of the new Karin SLaughter novel in exchange for a honest review.This is a stand alone book that pulls you in from the very start and leads you through the twists and turns of this excellent novel. The first half of the book is very very good and I just couldn't put it down and ended up reading at every possible opportunity. I didn't find that the second half quite lived up to the first but nevertheless the book was a great [...]

    • Emily May says:

      I didn't dislike this, but I think these days it's pretty hard for me to be shocked by thrillers. My enjoyment of them hinges more on the character development and the way the story is written, which I thought was fairly average when compared to my favourites from the genre - Tana French and Gillian Flynn.The grittiness, shock tactics and reveals, which many people have praised, left me feeling relatively cold.

    • Debra says:

      WOWZA! I thought this book was terrific. I worked for years in forensics working with serial killers, serial rapists, child molesters, etc. so I was not as "horrified" by the subject matter as some might be when they read this. Slaughter certainly did her research. I thought her deception of "bad guy" to be very realistic and spot on. This book is gripping and I wanted to keep writing to find out what would happen next. This is a hard book to review because I do not want to give anything away th [...]

    • Esil says:

      3.33 stars. I can't give Pretty Girls a rating that I would round up to 4 stars but it's more than 3 stars. Why the fuss over the rating? I gave 4 stars to Those Girls by Chevy Stevens earlier this year, which had a similar concept but worked much better for me. I don't read many thrillers, but I do like them occasionally. When I read them, I can tolerate a certain level of discomfort that comes with the genre -- clenched teeth, shoulders up to my ears, tense stomach. But when things get too gra [...]

    • Jan says:

      Dark, chilling, intenseese are the first words that come to mind when I think of how to describe this book. Karin Slaughter is known to pack a punch, and she didn't disappoint here.Pretty Girls is a multi-layered story that starts out highlighting the disappearance of Julia Carroll 20+ years ago and the devastating effect this has on her family, even after all these years. Julia's 2 sisters (Claire and Lydia) are estranged, but with the disappearance of another local young girl along with a pers [...]

    • Rosie says:

      I decided to edit my original review of this book. I took some time to think about it and rewrote some things. I still don't like the book at all and I am definitely in the minority with my rating on this one. This is the first real Karin Slaughter book I have read (I read the prequel Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes before reading this one). At first I found the story quite intriguing. The first few chapters were pretty interesting as there was lots of action and quite a few twists. However, after half w [...]

    • Julie says:

      Karin Slaughter is a seasoned author of taut suspense and she certainly knows how to weave a wicked little tale. This one though was a real mind bender. It's been over twenty years since Lydia and Claire's older sister, Julia, disappeared. Their lives took drastically different directions at that point, as Lydia falls into drug abuse and addiction, and Claire quietly disappears into the safe environment her genius husband, Paul, has created for her. Claire and Lydia have been estranged for all t [...]

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