Soul Deep

Soul Deep Rancher Jack West knows what it means to love a woman with all his heart and to lose her far too soon A widower for seven long years he thinks love and romance are a thing of the past nothing than c

  • Title: Soul Deep
  • Author: Pamela Clare
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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      180 Pamela Clare
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    Rancher Jack West knows what it means to love a woman with all his heart and to lose her far too soon A widower for seven long years, he thinks love and romance are a thing of the past, nothing than cherished memories He devotes himself to his grown son and his family, the horses they raise, and the land that has been theirs for three generations He doesn t know thRancher Jack West knows what it means to love a woman with all his heart and to lose her far too soon A widower for seven long years, he thinks love and romance are a thing of the past, nothing than cherished memories He devotes himself to his grown son and his family, the horses they raise, and the land that has been theirs for three generations He doesn t know that life has a surprise in store for him in the form of Janet Killeen, the lovely FBI agent he threw off his land last winter The bullet that left Janet Killeen seriously wounded also tore a hole through her life All she wants is a little peace and quiet in the mountains, a chance to feel like herself again That chance comes to an abrupt end when she goes off the road in a snowstorm and winds up stranded alone in a ditch The last person on earth she wants to see is that arrogant jerk Jack West, no matter how handsome he is But from the moment Jack finds her and offers her his hand, she realizes there s far to this gruff cowboy than she had imagined But trouble is brewing at Cimarron Ranch A deranged man with an inscrutable motive is moving in for the kill, threatening to end Jack and Janet s romance before they can claim a love that is Soul Deep.

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    • Baba says:

      3.5 I'd've-loved-to-give-it-more stars. Rating clarification see below. Review posted July 15, 2015"What qualities would you look for in a woman?"She was flirting with him--and he was flirting back.He laughed. "If I had the mindset of a stallion, only one--willingness. For a male of any species, success at mating is all about spreading your seed.""That's lovely." That also described a lot of the men she'd known."Fortunately, I am not ruled by biology. It's brains over balls.""Meaning what?" She [...]

    • ♥Sharon♥ says:

      It isn't often enough that we get a romance story that involves an older couple. So when I saw a friends review for Soul Deep and realized that the two main characters were older and wiser, I knew I’d really enjoy it. This story centers on Jack West who is 63 and Janet Killeen who is 45. Their story was just as sexy and sensual as any other romance and the buildup between them was just perfect. Jack had met Janet once before. He was a bit of a brut with her but didn’t expect their paths to c [...]

    • Kathleen says:

      Story Rating ~ 5 STARS!Hero Rating ~ 5 HUGE STARS!Heroine Rating ~ 5 - I LOVED HER TOO STARS!Romance ~ 5 VERY ROMANTIC STARS!Heat Level ~ 4 - I COULD REALLY FEEL THE HEAT STARS!Ending ~ 5 - You NEVER KNOW WHERE LIFE CAN TAKE YOU STARS!Overall Rating ~ 10 STARS BECAUSE 5 STARS JUSY ISN’T ENOUGH!GOSH how I LOVED this one! It truly was an AMAZING read!Janet Killeen was seriously wounded, shot in the hip by a sniper while on an FBI mission. She is finally out of rehab so she decides to get away an [...]

    • Auntee says:

      I read this one with an open mind even though I wasn't sure I was going to be interested in a romance between an "older" couple. But being Pamela Clare, I knew that she could make this both interestingd hot! And she did!This was about beautiful FBI special agent Janet Killeen, 45, and still-hunky-at 63, rancher Jack West. Both Janet and Jack appeared in a previous book(s) (was it First Strike and Skin Deep?) as minor characters--Jack threw her off his ranch at one point (the why is muddled in my [...]

    • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish says:

      Soul Deep is a deeply romantic and incredibly sexy story. It was refreshing to read about Jack and Janet, a mature man and woman who don't play games, who know what they want, and do what they have to, to get it. Just a note: This novella is part of the I-Team series (I-Team After Hours) but works perfectly as a standalone.

    • Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews❤️ says:

      4 Second Chance at Love Stars!!I totally fell in love with this couple and enjoyed their road to happiness. This book is a reminder that it's never to late in life to find love!! Jack is widower who's very sweet but has a hard edge when needed, he's a gentleman rancher with a hot, hard, toned body and at the age of sixty-three he's fallen in love for the second, and last time in his life. Janet is an FBI agent in her mid 40's and has been through a lot with an injury she received in the line of [...]

    • Pamela(AllHoney) says:

      An I-Team After Hours novella and number 6.5 in the I-Team series by Pamela Clare. Janet Killeen is a 45 year old FBI agent who was injured in the line of duty. She is on her way to spend a few weeks in the mountains but due to a snow storm she gets stuck in a ditch instead. Rancher Jack West, Nate West's father Skin Deep, finds Janet and brings her to his ranch. They have met before but not under good circumstances. Jack threw Janet off his land the year before when she was trying to do her job [...]

    • CC says:

      Nope, nope and nope.Sorry but any book in which the Hero claims he was raised in the 70s and "loves bush" is just not for me! It was just gross the way he said it. It made me feel she was having sex with grandpa - oh wait - SHE WAS!!!! I appreciate older MCs (as I am in my late 40s). But I did not like this story. I found the constant "presence" of the dead wife disturbing. And he felt old. I know he was in great shape, but the way he talked was not youthful. And he talked entirely too much abou [...]

    • KatLynne says:

      It's not often a novella is a 4.5 read for me. As usual, Pamela Clare's incredible talent shines. Kudos Pamela for including two out-of-the-norm MC's whose age you don't normally find in today's romantic tales(Jack is 63 and Janet in her 40s)! A totally engaging, sexy read! I loved it!

    • Jonetta says:

      FBI Agent Janet Killeen is recovering from the devastating injury she suffered from a sniper's bullet. On her way to her vacation site, she gets stranded on the road when a bad snow storm suddenly sets in. She's discovered by Jack West as her car ended up near his ranch. Forced to wait out the storm for a few days, Janet settles in and gets to know the gruff man who once ordered her off his property. I really enjoyed this mature romance. While we knew Jack was a good man from earlier stories, we [...]

    • Alp says:

      This is one of the best novellas I've ever read. Pamela Clare has done it again! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did! I really love her books because her writing is always excellent. Her writing style has me hooked, from the first page till the end.The dialogue in this story sounded so natural and the main characters, both Jack and Janet, were incredibly charming. They made me smile, laugh, and cry, like I was right there with them throughout this entire book.I loved the way t [...]

    • Keri says:

      I want to say welcome back PC and big squishy hug for all that you have been through. I was thrilled to see an older couple romance, Janet is 45 and Jack is 63. I thought that their romance was hot and the surprise ending was even lovelier. Some people may have an issue with it, but I was thrilled for them both. Jack kicked Janet off his property in the last PC book. Now not far from his property line, she gets stranded in an early Colorado snowstorm. Jack rescues her and then figures out the sp [...]

    • Aileene says:

      This is a breath of fresh air! I truly adored this book and adored that the main characters were older. Nowadays , MOST novels' H&H are in their 20’s and 30’s – AND! that can be tiring at times. So to read this and to see that older couple were showcased – not being portrayed as just mums and dads (or grandparents) in the sidelines, was indeed a breath of fresh air. Jack.Oh Jack. You are a very caring individual. I had to check many times that Ms Clare has indeed written this charact [...]

    • Shawna says:

      4-4 ½ stars – Contemporary Romance

    • Lynsey A says:

      There isn't a Pamela Clare book that I dislike. She is such a great writer and tells the best stories. This is a woman who has had a rough time over the last year or so yet managed to write this beautiful love story. This is the story of Jack West (Nate's father) and SA Kileen from Laura and Javier's book. Janet is 18 years younger than Jack but don't let that stop you from reading this book. Jack is well, Jack so that should be enough. He's a loving father and grandfather and an all around wond [...]

    • Karla says:

      Granted, I haven't read any of the other books in the series, nor is FBI agent romantic suspense my thing, but I saw all the raves and I do like older heroes (and older couples, in general) so I read this with some hopeful curiosity.Gah, the saccharine schmoop.The "I can't have babies because 'I'm 45 and early menopause is a genetic thing with me, so I'll pass on the condom' or other assorted incoherent bullshit" trope.Lazy. Trite. DIAF.Some pretty idiotic dialogue:- "I want to feel you come. Co [...]

    • Ezinwanyi says:

      FBI agent Janet Killeen needed some R&R to mentally and physically heal from the last work assignment that left her body shredded by bullets. Unfortunately for her, she got caught in a serious snowstorm and was rescued Rancher Jack West.This time on the Jack's ranch allowed Janet to try to redefine herself given some of her physical limitations. It allowed Jack to realize there is life after the death of his wife of 38 years. This was a journey of second chances!I liked this story because Ja [...]

    • Jennifer Lane says:

      Deep and Soulful SeriesWhen it comes to romantic suspense, the I-Team series is as good as it gets. Of course i gobbled up this novella, 6.5 in the series.This story involves Jack West, rancher from Skin Deep, and Janet Killeen, FBI special agent from Striking Distance. Jack and Janet are related to I-Team heroes and heroines: Jack's the father of Nate West, wounded vet from Afghanistan who falls in love with Megan Hunter, and Janet got shot while protecting reporter Laura Nilsson. Jack and Jane [...]

    • Sharon says:

      Better than I thought it was going to be. 3.5 starsIt’s just sweet and so very comfy.I like the growing family that Jack has, and how Nate is happy with his father moving on. Things that you might want to know (WARNING: Spoilers below)Happy/satisfying ending? (view spoiler)[Yes. Cute epilogue (view spoiler)[with the baby arriving. (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]Love triangle? Cheating? Angst level? Other things to note? (view spoiler)[No, no, low. (hide spoiler)]Tears-worthy? (view spoiler)[No [...]

    • Kame says:

      The last time Janet saw Jack West he was throwing her off his property. She was trying to do her job and keep the woman she was responsible for safe and he found the idea of her wanting to meet with each man on his ranch insulting. Now she was driving by the ranch in a blinding snow storm; and instead of asking for shelter she kept on driving. Then she was in a ditch.I stayed up to 2am, I could not put it down.I found Janet to be a strong independent woman in Striking Distance; and that respect [...]

    • Darcy says:

      It was really hard not to love this one from the start. From past stories Jack was a favorite, as was the Cimarron Ranch. The ranch seems to be a secret place of healing, something Janet sorely needed.I had to laugh at how Janet and Jack met and how reluctant Janet was to seek help from Jack at the ranch. I sure wouldn't have sat in the snow all night long. I did like that Jack didn't let the first meeting stop him from helping Janet or welcoming her in his home. The quiet way that the two of th [...]

    • Sunny says:

      4.5 stars. Beautiful because the characters are not only likable, but admirable. The emotional ties are very strong and Pamela Clare does a brilliant job of weaving their lives together. Needless to say, the characters' maturity gives the story another dimension. No silliness, just conviction. Deeply satisfying.

    • Lady Vigilante (Feifei) says:

      A copy of the book was provided by Victory Editing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    • Yvonne says:

      Sweet read with the instant love done right.Big bonus for over 60 Hero and over 40 heroine.

    • Yolanda says:

      3,5Bonita historia de amor maduro, cortita pero bien.

    • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

      Years ago I used to go crazy over the I-Team series. It might’ve been one of my first Romantic Suspense series that really got me excited so I’ve been a loyal reader ever since but I don’t think the series has maintained its excellence over the years. I was disappointed in the last novella and while I enjoyed SOUL DEEP as a whole, there seems to be something lacking in the newer releases that I still can’t seem to put my finger on.This novella is about Jack West and Janet Killeen. When J [...]

    • Lizzy says:

      I enjoyedSoul Deep. It is the story of the coming together of a mature couple. High points forPamela Clare for writing about a mature couple, it’s rare that we find a good tale about older protagonists. Jack West is a 63 year old man, widow ranch owner yet young at heart. Janet Killeen is a 45 old FBI Special Agent, recovering from a bullet shot that caused severe injury. Neither gave up on life, I admired and enjoyed both. It was a comeback story, and it was sweet in that. Last time they met, [...]

    • Fanny says:

      Soul Deep es otra novela dentro de la serie I-Team de la autora Pamela Clare y narra la historia de Jack ( el padre de Nate ) y Janet, un personaje secundario en los libros anteriores.Este libro es el primero que leo en el que la pareja protagonista esmayor,quizas por eso algunas partes se me hicieronextrañas,ademas al no haber leido nunca una historia con este tipo de trama no sabia que esperar de la lectura.Asi como en algunas ocasiones la lectura se me hizo un poco rara en otras me parecio q [...]

    • Robin says:

      After a bullet shatters her hip, FBI Agent Janet Killeen had a long road to recovery. Now ten months later, she has decided to take a week-long vacation in the mountains. But as a snowstorm blows in, Janet's vehicle slides down an embankment. She tries to climb the embankment using her cane, but it is too steep. Taking refuge in her car, Janet waits out the storm. Rancher Jack West sees the snow covered vehicle the next day and rescues Janet. Janet recognizes him as the rancher who threw her off [...]

    • Lisa says:

      First read: Oct 2015OLD PEOPLE GETTING FRISKY AYOOOsigh. I love the slow burn between Jack and Janet. I LOVE.Reread: Aug 2017I've reread this novella more times than I could count, tbh. It's just a sweet second chance romance + bonding with horses + a bit of crime solving thrown in. Also, shelving this one in May-Dec trope shelf is a bit pushing it because they both aren't exactly young (Jack's 63, Janet's 45) but the 18 year age gap still count, and Jack isn't exactly the typical single father [...]

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