Dad John Tremont a middle aged man with a family is summoned to his mother s bedside after she has suffered a heart attack When he arrives he finds her shaken but surviving it is his father left alone

  • Title: Dad
  • Author: William Wharton
  • ISBN: 9781557042569
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Paperback
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      364 William Wharton
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    John Tremont, a middle aged man with a family, is summoned to his mother s bedside after she has suffered a heart attack When he arrives, he finds her shaken but surviving it is his father, left alone, who is unable to cope, who begins to fail, to slip away from life Joined by his nineteen year old son, John suddenly becomes enmeshed in the frightening, consuming, endleJohn Tremont, a middle aged man with a family, is summoned to his mother s bedside after she has suffered a heart attack When he arrives, he finds her shaken but surviving it is his father, left alone, who is unable to cope, who begins to fail, to slip away from life Joined by his nineteen year old son, John suddenly becomes enmeshed in the frightening, consuming, endless minutiae of caring for a beloved, dying parent He also finds himself inescapably confronting his own middle age, jammed between his son s feckless impatience to get on with his life and his father s heartbreaking willingness to let go A story of the love that binds generations, Dad celebrates the universe of possibilities within every individual life.

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    • Христо Блажев says:

      Татко, не си отивай…: knigolandiafo/book-review/tПривидно книгата има крайно проста структура – един син се завръща в бащината си къща, за да се грижи за родителите си, които са в заника на дните си. Но това връщане го запраща не просто в един безкраен низ от грижи и проблеми, от тревоги и [...]

    • Teya says:

      Позволявам си да дам 5 звезди на "Татко", без все още да съм я завършила. Чутовна книга, написана с простичкото изящество на гениалния ум. Няма претенция, няма фанфари и конфети, танцува със смъртта, но още повече - с живота.Страхувах се да я започна, защото знаех, че неизбежно щ [...]

    • Кремена Михайлова says:

      Дълго отлагах книгата, защото:- не мога да чета за болести;- по време на безкрайните боледувания на моя татко бях дистанцирана, без да се ангажирам много с реална или морална подкрепа за майка ми и за самия него (но после компенсирах малко с майката на мъжа ми);- винаги имам гол [...]

    • Temenuzhka says:

      Много силна, истинска, въздействаща!Прекрасна книга!

    • Yanah says:

      This is a day-to-day view of a non-existing crossroad. Everybody's direction is the same, it just feels as if it's different depending on where you are on the road from birth to death.You are either in the beginning, eager to start things, or at the end, trying to end things meaningfully (to you). Or in the middle - observing and finally understanding, getting to really know the familiar.It's so full of journeys, both the same and different - from morning to evening, from funny to sad, from east [...]

    • Tsveta Haydarova says:

      William Wharton is without a doubt a great writer.I feel the story very personal.And even became to rethink parts of my life.The novel is about the family, relationships between children and parents.We can't choose our families, and often we try to escape from them.But however far we run something always we'll drag us back.The father who raised the children is now depending on their cares.As the time passed by, the roles had been switched.After all this is the circle of life.It's not a secret th [...]

    • Mihail Yunchov says:

      Моят татко избяга от мен!

    • Boyan says:

      Най-добрата книга, която съм чел от години Уникална, напрягаща, вълнуваща. Преследваща те и след прочита й.

    • Iiiva says:

      Не може да бъде описана с думи. Най-много да може в сълзи ;( Респект!

    • Elena says:

      It is not exactly my "fave" book or style, however the book is very good written and does make you 'sunk' into it. The heartbreaking story of families and generations will make everyone look for similarities in his own life. The book finishes with the thought "Still, somehow I've got to learn to grow old before I'm too old to learn." . It is quite different from the idea shared in other books of families, old people and adulthood (staying forever young, be it in spirit or actions). But as you th [...]

    • Svetla Angelova says:

      Доста изстрадана и лична история, която се повтаря независимо от мястото и времето, в което се развива.

    • Desislava says:

      Поредната невероятна книга от автора!Изключително майсторско описание за триумфа на сърцето!

    • Rachel Senturk says:

      Обикновено чета бързо. Все пришпорвам разказът да ме води към своя край. Такава съм — нетърпелива да разбера какво ще се случи. Но за мен книгите са като виното — с едно ти става хубаво, топло и приятно; друго не успяваш да преглъщаш, не ти е вкусно и оставяш чашата недопита, а [...]

    • Eli says:

      Романът много ме развълнува. Успя да ми въздейства така, че да изживея драмата на героите все едно бях част от техния свят. Като изключим трудното и бавно начало, книгата е уникална. "Татко" разказва за това, как един син се грижи за своите болни родители в края на техния живот [...]

    • Angelina Ivanova says:

      Какво мисля за романатрудно е да мисля за тази книга като за роман. Това е може би разказ за живота - за безнадежното бъдеще, което очаква всеки от нас, за осъзнаването на неизбежния край, за късното опознаване на деца и родители, за прошката. Не мога да кажа, че ме разтърси, ни [...]

    • Mandy says:

      John Tremont is a middle-aged artist who lives with his wife and family in France. When he gets a message from his sister Joan to say that their mother has had a heart attack he rushes back to the States, where he finds that not only is his mother ill but his father too is failing fast. Faced with this double crisis, John pitches in to do what he can to care for them both. What follows is a roller-coaster as one parent then the other suffers emergency and partial recovery then another emergency. [...]

    • Carole says:

      This book is food for thought for those of us who are of the "sandwich generation". It made me realize how aging parents become the ones who need parenting by their children. The story details the downhill health condition of an aging couple and how their children deal with all the changes this entails. The book also deals with the relationship of the middle-aged son's relationship with his own children. I thorougly enjoyed this story and recommend it highly.

    • Madeleine says:

      "Vader"Prachtig boek, verhaal belicht vanuit drie generaties.Met veel humor geschreven emotioneel verhaal.Evenzo geweldig verfilmd met Jack Lemmon in de hoofdrol.

    • Morgan says:

      Liz gives this book a high rating. He slso wrote BIRDY.

    • John says:

      Grew my first beard after reading this novel. Beautiful.

    • Denidevine says:

      Heartbreaking, funny, wonderful

    • John says:

      A very easy fast read but of little interest to me. I do not care to read about another persons problems with their ageing parents and i did not find these characters to be real. I read Whartons first book back in 1977, BIRDY, and remains one of my all time favorites. It was obvious that this was the same author but the basis for the story did nothing for me. Just thinking about BIRDY , i bet i will dream of flying tonight.

    • Radostina Ganeva says:

      Историята грабва, но не е лека. Определено си заслужава времето.

    • Snezhana Yaneva says:

      chetivo/tatko/Трудно се чете тази книга и трудно се пише за нея – защото това е история за семейството. Късметлия си, ако имаш семейство – място, където да се приютиш, когато си нежелан навсякъде другаде; някой, който винаги звъни в най-неудобните моменти, за да попита същите въпро [...]

    • Kofeina says:

      "Książka mówi o przemijaniu, odchodzeniu, śmierci. Oto syn, człowiek w średnim wieku, odbiera wiadomość o poważnej chorobie matki. Leci więc z Francji, gdzie obecnie mieszka z żoną i dziećmi, do rodzinnej Kalifornii, żeby przez jakiś czas zająć się domem i nieporadnym życiowo ojcem. Zanim wydobrzeje matka, nagle zachoruje ojciec. I to właśnie o nim jest ta opowieść, choć autor mnoży wątki. Jednak jego relacje z synem i niektórymi kobietami tylko dopełniają opowieść [...]

    • Rrshively says:

      This book reflects the fact that it was published in 1981 when many aspects of our society were quite different, but it also tells of parts of the human condition that are always true. The main crux of the story is about the protagonist and his dad who both have the same name. The minutia of caring for a helpless, sick parent at home is described well. The son is in the story, but isn't so great a factor although I think some glimpses into the dad's life give the protagonist ideas as to how to b [...]

    • Julie says:

      I read this book over 30 years ago, when it was first published. I was so affected by it, found it to be so profound, that it shaped the way I viewed aging, care for the elderly, and certain health issues. I've kept it all these decades intending to read it again, and after so long, I wondered if it would still impress me the same way.Well, it didn't stand the test of time. I can see why I was so hooked by this story line when I was in my late 20's and trying to work through some issues in my fa [...]

    • Barbara Rhine says:

      This is a disturbing book for me. Perhaps my age, which is right about where our mother and father, both declining in the most serious way possible, are in their life span? Perhaps their marriage out of fifties white-people's land, with the woman in charge in the home, the man totally inert, both like ostriches with their heads in the sand. Perhaps the casual and frequent racism, never particularly corrected by our oh-so-much-more-sophisticated narrator son? I could not put it down, though! A ve [...]

    • Russ Woody says:

      Loved this book. What a wonderful adventure. I'm, of course, so struck by stories of love between fathers and sons (my book HEROIC HEART is about that). And much of Wharton's book reminded me of my own dad though Wharton takes it to some fascinating realms. Please, please read this. If you're a guy, and you love your dad, or loved your dad, read it. It will take you away! Seriously. (I've not seen the movie -- which, as luck would have it, stars Ted Danson. And, coincidentally, Ted was a big par [...]

    • Joelle says:

      This might be the best book I read all summer. It is a great story around ageing, growing up and generations, and it is full of humanity and tenderness. It is a story about death, a 'road movie', a set of rather enjoyable encounters.[return]I found the mother character a bit unbelievable, though, as well as some of the digs at the medical system - but then I come from another world so perhaps there are people like this.[return]It is a touching and dreemy book about a very tough subject, old age, [...]

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