Beanball It s the last inning of a high school baseball game between arch rivals Oak Grove and Compton Center fielder Luke Wizard Wallace steps up to the plate and is hit by a beanball a wild pitch that shatt

  • Title: Beanball
  • Author: Gene Fehler
  • ISBN: 9780618843480
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
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    It s the last inning of a high school baseball game between arch rivals Oak Grove and Compton Center fielder Luke Wizard Wallace steps up to the plate and is hit by a beanball, a wild pitch that shatters his skull, destroys the vision in his left eye, and changes his life forever.In this riveting novel, the events surrounding this pivotal moment are recounted through fIt s the last inning of a high school baseball game between arch rivals Oak Grove and Compton Center fielder Luke Wizard Wallace steps up to the plate and is hit by a beanball, a wild pitch that shatters his skull, destroys the vision in his left eye, and changes his life forever.In this riveting novel, the events surrounding this pivotal moment are recounted through free verse monologues by 28 different voices, including those of Luke and his Oak Grove teammates the pitcher, Kyle Dawkins, and other Compton players the two coaches Luke s family members and teachers and Sarah Edgerton, a new classmate who seems affected by Luke s injury than his girlfriend is.With its unusual format, gripping subject matter, and economy of language, Beanball is a thought provoking, fast paced read.

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    • BrEcKiN MeYeR says:

      Beanball was a very great book. If you really enjoy sports boooks your gonna like this one. It was a very suspenseful book at certain points. Main character Luke "Wizard" Wallace is the best player on the Oak Grove baseball team! I highly recommend this book to others it is a great book.

    • Kate says:

      "It was the worst sound I've ever heardin all my years of umping.Oh, I've heard plenty of pitches hit a helmet.But this this fastball, up and in.This one hit bone, right in the face.Not even a scream or grunt from the kid.He went down like he was shot."-Tim Burchard, Umpire.Set in free verse from the perspective of 28 different narrators including: players, coaches, the boy who was hit, spectators, family members, even the pitcher who threw the pitch, Beanball tells the story of Oak Grove star p [...]

    • Blake Cook says:

      Good book, takes you into the action right off the bat. Loved it.

    • Veronica says:

      A chronicle of terrible tragedy and how different people view their responsibility in the wake. Some show an inability to cope, others only see how it effects them, and those wonderful few who bring comfort and hope.

    • Brandon Fischer says:

      Beanball by Gene Fehler is about a high school student named Luke Wallace, and his recovery from being hit in the face by a pitch while batting for his school's baseball team. I came about this book when my English teacher recommended it to me and I'm glad she did. It's a very short book but it is filled with a lot of quality writing. By the time I finished, I was wishing it was longer.Up until that game, Luke and his bestfriend, Andy Keller, were just normal highschool jocks with only tryouts, [...]

    • Tranna Foley says:

      Relates, from diverse points of view, events surrounding the critical injury of popular and talented high school athlete, Luke "Wizard" Wallace, when he is hit in the face by a fastball. - Book summary from library recordThis book is being considered for the Gateway Award list. Although it is written in free verse and is about baseball and has a male protagonist (all good things!), I didn't really like it too much. I think maybe there are too many voices/characters. Also, it feels like it is wri [...]

    • Jennifer Wardrip says:

      Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooBEANBALL by Gene Fehler will not be gathering any dust on library or classroom shelves. As soon as the first sports fan has read it, the line of readers will be forming right out the door. Luke Wallace is known as "Wizard." Star baseball, football, and basketball player by his junior year in high school, he already has college and pro scouts showing up at his games. But if any scouts showed up at the game against Oak Grove's rival schoo [...]

    • Briana says:

      I know Brandon doesn't believe me, but I love baseball, I really do, even though I haven't paid much attention to games in the past few years. There are many people in the world who just don't like baseball. But baseball isn't just like any other sportere's a depth to it that you could miss if you took it at a merely superficial levelBaseball is about the pauses in the insanity, the myriad of choices to make, the individualism that must co-exist with teamwork, the balance between poise and aggre [...]

    • Trevor Knox says:

      I loved this book and I hated it all at the same time. I hated this book because it was written in logs, but I loved it because of the plot and the theme. The plot I enjoyed the most because it is very interesting,very explosive, and it hits you all at once. The conflict of the story was amazing yet very brief. Luke deals with his problem to quickly and he wants to put it behind him like it never happened. The resolution of the conflict is great and very inspiring, he gets back out on the field [...]

    • Melissa Dwyer says:

      Originally Rated G by Shawna BayatBeanball is poet, Gene Fuller's first YA novel. Written in verse, Beanball tells the story to Luke Wallace star baseball player and the tragedy of getting hit by a fast-pitch and loosing any hope of ever playing sports again. The story is told from the standpoint of 28 different characters and the dramatic impact that this accident has on each one of them. The story is compelling and Fuller does an excellent job of describing the events of the story, as well as [...]

    • Frankie Lopez says:

      This book really relates to me because I, myself am a pitcher and love the game of baseball. But I thought this book was not the best it could be because it was a little hard to follow and was formatted differently which is not a bad thing if you like different. It gives you an angle of different perspectives from different people. The main character is Luke "the wizard" Wallace. What happens in the book is Luke gets hit with a beanball in the face and shatters his face. He ends up losing his si [...]

    • Isaiah says:

      I thought that Bean Ball was a really good book because I didn't want to put the book down and stop reading, it was surprising like I didn't know what was going to happen next, and I understood what was happening. Know i'm going to tell you about the three reasons I gave you. My first reason is I didn't want to put the book down and stop reading because I always wanted to know what was going to happen next because I hate it when I have to stop to go do something else, but be at a spot where I wa [...]

    • Terri says:

      I really liked this book. It would be a great choice for reluctant reader boys - it reads fast, has a great cover, and has a sports theme. Since this is a novel in verse, I wonder if just the look of poetry might be an immediate turn-off. I enjoyed the multiple perspectives (it would be great for a Reader's Theatre piece in Acting class or Speech class), though I felt some of the characters stretched the realms of plausibility. For instance, are there really girls as shallow and unfeeling as Mel [...]

    • Allison says:

      Fehler, Gene Beanball pgs. 128 Clarion Books Language~PG, Sexual Content~G; Violence~PGHow fast does a baseball travel when thrown by a high school pitcher? Do you know? The average speed is between 65-70 mph. Now imagine a ball coming at your face at that speed! One fateful day Luke ‘Wizard’ Wallace is struck in the face by a beanball(a wild pitch.) Beanball is the story of this accident and what happened after not only to Luke but everyone that was there that day. Told in free verse, the s [...]

    • Amy Dreger says:

      Luke "Wizard" Wallace is the star of his high school baseball team until he gets hit in the face with a baseball while at bat. Beanball tells the events leading up to the accident and the those that follow from various people's perspectives: coaches, Luke's friends, his family, other students and Luke himself.This book was just OK. I plan on booktalking it to some reluctant readers as it was definitely short and would appeal to baseball lovers. Although I appreciated the author's attempt at pres [...]

    • Amy Brown says:

      I loved this book! It's one of my favorite sports books.Luke is awesome at all sports but during a baseball game, he is hit by a beanball or wild pitch and his face is shattered. He almost dies. In the end, though, he loses his sight in one eye which is still devastating because he will never be the athlete that he once was. It's a book about friendship, about loss, about recovering from broken dreams and tragic accidents. It's a good hi-low level book that has an interest level of middle school [...]

    • Keith says:

      YA. Fiction. Baseball. Sports injuries. Interpersonal relations. High schools. Poetic verse. Multiple points of view.

    • Sylvia says:

      Cerita tentang baseball seputar kecelakaan yang dialami atlet baseball berbakat, Luke 'Wizard' Wallace, sewaktu bertanding melawan sekolah lain. Luke terkena bola diwajahnya dan menyebabkan dia harus kehilangan penglihatan di mata kirinya. Kejadian ini membuat trauma si pelempar bola dan Luke sendiri merasa down karena dia sangat mencintai olah raga Baseball.Cukup menarik, mengingat saya sebenernya bukan penggemar olah raga yang satu ini. Tapi cara bertutur penulisnya yang menggunakan point of v [...]

    • Kris Costello says:

      I enjoyed the book, and it's a fast, easy read. I believe that it would engage some people who otherwise may not enjoy reading - I could see it being used in a High School or Junior High class. It isn't just for sports fans since the focus isn't about sports, it's about the changes that occur because of an injury, with sports playing the ironic role of the protagonist's hope and the vehicle of his injury. There are both good things and bad things that happen because of the injury, and the book i [...]

    • Jennifer says:

      Fantastic! Fehler's novel encompasses two of my favorite things: free verse and multiple voices. The story focuses around Luke "Wizard" Wallace who is an all around athlete--football, basketball, and baseball. While facing a main rival, Luke is beaned and partially loses his sight. The multiple voices make this novel. Hearing Luke's and his parents and friends, and other bystanders (coaches for both teams, a local baseball fan, teachers) a picture is painted of who is affected by such incidents [...]

    • readknitread says:

      Luke "Wizard" Wallace is known for playing sports. He's great at all of them and is the star of the baseball field. When he gets sick the night before the first game he doesn't tell anyone for fear that they won't let him play. Because he is sick his reactions are a little slower. No one really notices until Luke gets beaned in the head with a fastball. The force shatter bones in his skull and he looses sight in one eye. Told by over 20 different points of view in short free-verse monologues. A [...]

    • Maggie says:

      My boys really liked this book, and I don't think it's just because it was short and a comparatively easy read to the required reading in class. Told in multiple voices, this novel in verse charts the events (briefly) leading up to that fateful moment when a batter gets hit - HARD - with a wild pitch. Normally I don't like shifting viewpoints, but each poem was labeled clearly with the narrator's name and position, and I really liked how the same event was told by several people. My favorite pai [...]

    • Jesse B. says:

      The reason i rated this book four stars is because i liked the way this book is set up. i like the fact that you know what all of the characters are thinking. Throughout the whole book you are constantly inside one of the characters minds so you always have an idea of what is going on. I didn't like the ending as much though because I feel that it just kind of cuts off. All in all I liked this book.

    • Krista the Krazy Kataloguer says:

      Short novel in verse about a boy whose whole life is sports who loses an eye in a baseball accident, and how he, his family, and his friends cope. It's told from multiple points of view, which would make it good for reader's theatre. I particularly liked the idea expressed by one character that sports are not everything, and I also liked the message of hope that the main character's girl friend brings him. Nicely done.

    • Peyton says:

      Beanball by Gene Fehler is a book about a boy that loves the game of baseball and that all changes against there rivals Compton when there best pitcher does something to Luke the "wizard" Wallace. Luke has to try to bounce back from that. teammates, Compton players and coaches try to play baseball again but it is hard for him now because of what happened. Everyone is trying to help him. Will Luke play baseball again or will he leave the team forever

    • Shane Ritter says:

      I bet you want to know what happen in this book. Well here you go. A kid named luke (Wizard) plays baseball. He is all of a sudden playing one of the best teams in the league. The pitcher of that team trows an inside throw. BOOM! Luke gets hit in the face and he is on the ground bleeding to death. The game stops, the ambulace comes. Luke is taken to the emergency room. You have to figure out what happens in the end of this hair raising thriller.

    • Catherine says:

      Another teen novel in my search for new materials for my classroom. A book that teens who love sports might enjoy. The protagonist is beaned in the head by a pitch meant to scare him back from the plate. It hits him right next to his eye however. What happens next is told through the various characters that represent family, friends, teamates, coaches, doctors. We are privy to the thoughts of all of these people as they try to cope with what has happened.

    • Art says:

      Gene Fehler used conversations to carry the story of about "Beanball".Luke the Wizard was an outstanding player for his High School Team."Beanball" takes a single event on the baseball field and takes various players, coaches and others and weaves the threads of the lives of those surrounding Luke and his injury around the event.I really enjoyed this book.

    • Dee says:

      Beanball surprised me. I am not a fan of sports books, but this one was different. I could see the TV documentary in my head. The way each character read, they could have been interviewed for a PBS special. It was different. It was positive. One coach was great, the other was pure evil. I actually really enjoyed this fast read.

    • Alex Oppel says:

      This is a good book. I like how they make it interesting from start to finish. I don't like poems, but this book did a nice job with them. I like how they weren't boring, or hard to I understand. This doesn't change my feelings about poems, but this was a good book. Also I think it is neat how they have different points of view narrating the story. Overall, the book keep me interested.

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