Magnolia Nights

Magnolia Nights From the author of the bestselling Sweeney Sister Series and Sweet Tea Tuesdays comes a new novel of passion intrigue and redemption Ellie Pringle has spent endless hours and countless dollars worki

  • Title: Magnolia Nights
  • Author: Ashley Farley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    From the author of the bestselling Sweeney Sister Series and Sweet Tea Tuesdays comes a new novel of passion, intrigue, and redemption Ellie Pringle has spent endless hours and countless dollars working with a therapist to remember the lost years of her childhood She s baffled and than a little intrigued when the grandmother she hasn t seen in thirty four years diesFrom the author of the bestselling Sweeney Sister Series and Sweet Tea Tuesdays comes a new novel of passion, intrigue, and redemption Ellie Pringle has spent endless hours and countless dollars working with a therapist to remember the lost years of her childhood She s baffled and than a little intrigued when the grandmother she hasn t seen in thirty four years dies and leaves her a fortune The time has come to face her past in person Still reeling from a recent breakup of a long term relationship, and with nothing to keep her in San Francisco, Ellie packs her meager belongings and boards a plane for the South Carolina Lowcountry.Standing in the entryway of her grandmother s antebellum home on South Battery Street in Charleston, Ellie faces the first of many ghosts who will soon haunt her On her first night in the creepy, creaking mansion, as she s perusing the titles in a dusty bookcase, she comes across her deceased mother s leather bound journal Her mother s words create unanswered questions and send her on a quest to find journals As Hurricane Lorene bears down on the South Carolina coast, Ellie encounters Julian Hagood, a handsome architect who has the talent to restore her dilapidated mansion and the charm to mend her broken heart But as Ellie reads her mother s diaries, they dislodge a stone in the wall that safeguards her memories, causing her world to come crumbling down Revelations about her childhood lead Ellie on a harrowing journey of discovery that will hold readers spellbound until the dramatic conclusion.

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    • Jordan Theune says:

      Note: I received a free ARC of "Magnolia Nights" from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. “Magnolia Nights” is a novel that had great potential but appeared to run out of steam through the last quarter of the book. The story begins by introducing us to Ellie, who has recently inherited her estranged grandmother’s estate in Charleston, South Carolina. We learn that her mother is deceased, and she didn’t know her father until she was 6. Ellie, escaping from a bad relationsh [...]

    • Kathleen says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading MAGNOLIA NIGHTS by Ashley Farley. It has beautiful descriptive writing and is intriguing and interesting with some creepy parts. Ellie Pringle is surprised to learn that her grandmother has died leaving everything including her antebellum mansion to her. Ellie hasn't seen or heard from her grandmother in over thirty years and remembers very little about her. Abbott, her father, wants her to sell the house, and get on with her life. But Ellie decides to fly from San F [...]

    • Sarah Elizabeth says:

      This was a quick, easy read and I enjoyed finding out the family history alongside the protagonist. I thought the big reveal of the deep trauma she experienced as a child was clever, but I feel like it was rushed in places and drawn out in others. I would have liked more at the ending instead of feeling like she stopped caring about her characters.I received an advance reader copy of the book from the publisher and NetGalley.

    • Shalini says:

      This book started with a bang and the story sounded so intriguing. Ellie has no memories of her childhood and going back to the house left to her by her estranged grandmother, she finds a journal by her mother. She starts reading.Till this point, I thought that the author, Ashley Farley has done a wonderful job, getting me invested in the story. Then it loses its plot with a love interest and the story loses its steam and goes off track with love making. I liked the story initially then it felt [...]

    • Susan Peterson says:

      Magnolia Nights is a mesmerizing tale of mystery, romance, and coming to terms with the past. Set in Charleston in a decrepit, creepy mansion, the setting sets the tone for the story. Ellie Pringle lived in this old house until she was six; a childhood both haunted and disturbing. When she inherits the house, she must reconcile herself to the horrors she experienced, horrors that are deeply hidden in her memory. Magnolia Nights is a riveting story, a book that will leave you wanting for more!

    • Charlotte Lynn says:

      Nothing makes me fall into a book faster than it being set in a place I have never been yet the author takes such great care with the details that I feel like I have been there many times. I find myself picturing the grand houses, hearing the charm of the southern voices, and feeling the southern heat. Ashley Farley is amazing with her detailing. The story in this is heart breaking. A woman comes home to her mother after finding herself pregnant and the mother takes her in only to make her a pri [...]

    • Lisa Hudson says:

      EXTRAORDINARY!Magnolia Nights is teeming with intrigue and passion. This intensity is rooted in a search for peace and redemption that has escaped Ellie Pringle for thirty-four years. When her grandmother dies and leaves her home on Charleston's South Battery Park Street to her, Ellie loads up her meager belongings and moves from San Francisco to chase the ghosts from her past. Elli's goal is to finally find the answers about her early years that have haunted her all her all her life. Farley's b [...]

    • Amy Wolf says:

      Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy of MAGNOLIA NIGHTS in exchange for my honest review.Oh, how I loved this book. I read it in one day. The description for me, didn't do the story itself justice, so don't let that deter you from picking up this gem. This felt like a strange marriage of The Winter People and The Roanoke Girls, melded with plenty of original storytelling. Oh the mysteries, and secrets that were unveiled. Romance, deceit, and did I mention secrets? This one is [...]

    • Robbi LeahFreeman says:

      3 1/2 stars. GR really needs to update their rating system either add halves or 1-10. It’s hard to fit these novels in only 1-5. This book is about Ellie who after leaving with her father 34 years ago, comes back to accept her inheritance and try to remember her past. The book was good and interesting but I do feel the person inheriting a house with secret past is a little overdone. But I wasn’t bored in this book. Several twists that made it a little different.

    • DJ Sakata says:

      My Rating:4.5Favorite Quote:Her eyes convict and sentence you to death before you’ve even committed the crime.My Review:Magnolia Nights was an unexpected yet captivating departure from the previous works I have read by Ashley Farley. I loved her Sweeney Sisters series and I was pleasantly surprised by the somewhat eerie, intriguing, and mysterious Magnolia Nights. The storyline was unpredictable and engaging, and it certainly piqued my curiosity and kept me a bit on edge from beginning to end. [...]

    • Melissa Henderson says:

      Captivating from the first page, I could smell the magnolia blossoms, feel the ocean breeze and see the old historical homes in Charleston SC. My heart ached for the characters as the story unfolded and more details of their lives were explained. The author tells a story that shows passion, devotion, mystery, hate, disgust, love and heartache. I never wanted the story to end. This is a book I will read again. Excellent story. I received a copy of this story from the author and this is my honest [...]

    • Anne says:

      I received an ARC of this book and am posting this review now on .If you have read Sweet Tea Tuesday's by Ashley Farley, you will recognize some characters in Magnolia Nights. If you haven't read Sweet Tea Tuesday's, when you do read it, you will already have been introduced to a few of the characters. Skillfully woven into the storyline, Midge, Heidi, and Bennett make appearances in this book. Ellie Pringle inherits her grandmother's estate - a grandmother she has been estranged from for thirty [...]

    • Margie Shaw says:

      I recently read an ARC of Ashley Farley's new book, Magnolia Nights, in exchange for an honest review. I started reading it very late one night, or should I say the wee hours of the morning because I was so excited to see what it was about. My eyes only made it one chapter that night but that was enough to know that it was going to be great! I am a big Ashley Farley fan, I've read 6 of her previous books, and have loved them all. But this particular one I think is my favorite. It's a little diff [...]

    • Anne Rightler says:

      Magnolia Nights, by Ashley Farley, is storytelling at its best. Ellie Pringle's story captivates readers with compelling characters, well-written prose and gorgeous descriptions of scenery--one can almost smell the subtle aroma of the magnolia tree and feel the force of the hurricane winds as they sweep through the Southern city. Ellie has surprisingly inherited her estranged grandmother's fortune and a mansion in Atlanta. Because of the memories of her past, some remembered and mostly repressed [...]

    • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews says:

      I love love love Ashley's books and this one is no exception. I think I heard this will be a series (or at least a 2nd book) which I am glad of because there is so much more to the story that hasn't been told yet.This book is about learning about the past and coming to terms with it, finding love and strengthening family. There is even a little bit of action and mystery - a very well rounded book.This book also reminded me of Flowers in the Attic with the strict grandmother and her actions and c [...]

    • Laurie says:

      An amazing journey taken with a woman named Ellie who inherits her grandmother's old home in Charleston and returns to find sad, disturbing memories. What she sees as the days go forward, is a family she lost and a love like no other."No more obsessing about the past. From now on we're marching toward the future."This is a book I could not put down. The descriptions of the town of Charleston, the run down home, the magnolia tree, the memories found, all come alive in Ashley's writing!

    • Melissa Borsey says:

      I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end! Ellie has inherited her Grandmother's home which she hasn't seen since her mother's death, when her father came and saved her from her Grandmother's evil ways. Ellie knows bad things happened when she was a little girl in that house but she can't remember, until Ellie discovers old journals written by her mother hidden away and as a hurricane bears down, Ellie is t [...]

    • Dawn Trlak-Donahue says:

      Chick lit. The ending was abrupt - everything tied up too easily, with unfinished storylines- ex. no explanation of the dad's girlfriend.

    • Candy Daoust says:

      I received an ARC and all I can say is WOW. I savored this book from the first page to the last. If I could rate this book a 10 I would. A woman searching for information about her past finds journals from her deceased mother that lead her on a life changing discovery! I learned so much about Charleston and felt like I was there to experience the beauty of the city and it's old mansions. I could almost smell the magnolia trees. After reading this book, I would love to visit that city some day to [...]

    • Guanajasharon says:

      Quick read and good story.

    • Renee says:

      Another enjoyable read by Ashley Farley set in Charleston, NC.This novel evokes a feeling of old Charleston and held my interest with a sense of unease throughout the book. The story of a woman confronting her troubled childhood that had been buried in her mind for 34 years was engrossing and disturbing. Her quest for answers kept me engrossed in the book for the better part of a day until I finished it. The descriptions of the home from which she escaped were gothic with a hint of the super nat [...]

    • Leslie says:

      Loved this story, would have given 5 stars, but the ending was a bit abrupt. However a note from the author said there is a sequel on the way - can't wait!

    • Sandy says:

      I received an ARC of this great read. It will keep you up late wanting to get to all the answers. A great story set in Charleston, SC with lots of twists and turns. A little Flowers in the Attic action with an evil grandmother; mystery of blocked memories from childhood, and an historic old home that may hold the answers. I am so hoping this is the start of a new series!

    • Judy Churchill says:

      This was exactly what I expected and I enjoyed the book. Well written and a sweet story. The perfect light reading for a vacation.

    • Tessa Campbell says:

      The story was well written with enticing, descriptive language and an intriguing plot. Unfortunately, the ending was shit and underdeveloped. It was a big disappointment but I did read that the author would be making a sequel which explains the hasty and unresolved ending, although that’s no excuse. I’m unsure if I’ll read the sequel. I’m rating this book four stars because the first 3/4ths of the book was that enjoyable and I just don’t think there was enough thought given to the endi [...]

    • Diane says:

      Magnolia Nights by author Ashley Farley is a southern mystery set in the historic district of Charleston, SC. Eleanor Pringle has come back to her childhood home with her little Maltese, Pixie. Ellie has inherited her grandmother’s estate after her death. Fears and long buried memories of living in this house trouble Ellie and she is hoping being here will help her uncover the mystery. Ellie is happy to see Maddie, the kind housekeeper she remembers from her time there. Maddie advises Ellie to [...]

    • Bambi Rathman says:

      Ok, this book drew me in from the very first page. For me it had intrigue, mystery, suspense, heartbreak, and great joy. I really had a hard time putting it down and the little "cliff hangers" at the end of each chapter kept me wanting to find out what happens next. The setting in Charleston, SC was descriptive of the historic homes and some of the "secrets" hidden in them. I loved the character of Ellie and her search for answers from her past so she could face happiness in her future. I will r [...]

    • Pam says:

      First of all, I just want to tell the family and friends that nothing happened, I am well definitely in the most difficult moments if you know who are true friends or people who truly appreciate you 😊 unfortunately most Friendships abandon you and only send you congratulationsI've decided to post this message in support of a very special person for me who fights to the end with firmness, good energy. She taught us to live each day as the best day! Now I'm watching those who will have time to [...]

    • Carla says:

      Magnolia Nights is another AMAZING novel by Ashley Farley. This book branches out to new characters, that I personally hope have their own series just like the Sweeney Sisters.This novel has a bit of a dark and deep history. Ellie, our main character, has trouble remembering her past but it has so greatly affected her present. She has little glimpses of her past but can't quite figure out if she is remembering something that happened or if it is her mind making up something. When she inherits he [...]

    • Book Bite Reviews says:

      I received Magnolia Nights free in exchange for an honest review from the promotion team of caffeinated book servicesEllie Pringle is the primary benefactor of her grandmother Eleanor's estate and inherits a great fortune. Besides the inheritance, she is also left with a lot of emotional damage and hidden traumatic memories of her childhood, which she intends to uncover with the help of her family, friends, and therapist. Along with her journey to discover her past, we encounter some characters [...]

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