A Sudden Change of Heart

A Sudden Change of Heart From master storyteller Barbara Taylor Bradford comes a magnificent new novel a powerful moving story of two women two families and an extraordinary friendship challenged by tragedy and a devastat

  • Title: A Sudden Change of Heart
  • Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford
  • ISBN: 9780440235149
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
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      233 Barbara Taylor Bradford
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    From master storyteller Barbara Taylor Bradford comes a magnificent new novel, a powerful, moving story of two women, two families, and an extraordinary friendship challenged by tragedy and a devastating secret from the past.Some secrets are too terrible to share even with your best friend.Nothing hurts like the truth A truth that has haunted Claire Benson all herFrom master storyteller Barbara Taylor Bradford comes a magnificent new novel, a powerful, moving story of two women, two families, and an extraordinary friendship challenged by tragedy and a devastating secret from the past.Some secrets are too terrible to share even with your best friend.Nothing hurts like the truth A truth that has haunted Claire Benson all her life A truth that Claire has revealed to no one, not even to her best friend, International art dealer Laura Valiant But the friendship that has sheltered both women throughout childhood, marriage and divorce is about to meet its greatest test Suddenly old nightmares surface as Claire turns to her dearest friend for help And as Laura s career leads her into the past, in an investigation of artwork stolen by the Nazis, she uncovers disturbing links to the present, to Claire, and a profoundly personal reason to follow a twisted trail to its surprising end.

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    • Diane says:

      just oka bit difficult to get through bcuz of the underdeveloped characters and the not so good writingt this author's best work :( (paperback!)

    • Sue says:

      This was a very nice book for taking me off to another world. Not being much of a traveler, my reading takes me to places I've never been before and sometimes even fiction can teach you about others lives!

    • Samantha Neal says:

      Enjoyable to read.I thought at first as I was reading what the book really meant.As I read it and understand sometimes people can have a sudden change of heart.But it is a heart of gold. That I believed one character had.Maybe a heartbreak moment in it. But nothing would change the main character.I would be happy to read this story again. I will say that the ending made me smile.

    • Shanda says:

      Predictable. All the good people are beautiful and rich. All the bad people are ugly and poor. Not my favorite BTB.

    • Diane Wallace says:

      an enjoyable read, highly recommend

    • Robin says:

      I liked this gem of a book. I always had in the back of my mind what was Claire's story. It made me laugh and cry this book made me feel the whole gamut of emotions. A great read.

    • Susie says:

      A wonderful story that reminded me of the story told in the movie The Monuments Men. Strong settings, which I love, and the most civilized characters!

    • Glendy Morrison says:

      A great book about friendship, how the past sometimes affects the present and to fight to survive the past and create a better future for those we love the most. Excellent reading, you can read it in no time because you just want to know more about the characters and you get sucked into the story wanting things to be different and feeling the pain some of the characters feel.

    • Nancy S. Schmitt says:

      Great story of friendship, compassion, and love! I enjoyed it very much, as I always do with any book she writes.Great story of friendship, compassion, and love among family and friends. I enjoyed it very much, as I have with all BTB's books.

    • Jill says:

      I thought claires story was so sad. Laura's grand mother sounds amazing

    • Allison says:

      I remember reading this when I first moved to England. I never really got into her other books but I liked the story of friendship in this one. I remember the yellow cover for sure!

    • Becky says:

      This was my first time reading a book by Barbara Taylor Bradford. I have to say that I didn't really connect with her as an author. The characters in this book were, for lack of a better word, houty toutye. Not sure how to spell that. I couldn't relate to them because they were very rich and lived a completely different life from mine. I found myself wondering, do people really live like this. A whole other world that I'm not exposed too. I got so tired of the dialogue, seriously, people in real [...]

    • Ceh says:

      Not my favorite BTB. It started out so slow paced and didnt really pick up pace. It had its moment when it suddenly became a page turner but that dwindled out really fast and prolonged for far too long that they lost their intrigue.Moments where I excpected outrage and fury,were dampened by this simplistic acceptance that to be quite honest was quite dissapointing. I also felt like some of the anger was misplaced.For a character like Laura and her depiction throughout the book as a headstrong wo [...]

    • Bev Taylor says:

      laura lives a happy childhood. although her mother is never really there for her more wrapped up in her marriage and her work she is loved by her grandparents and spends a lot of time with them and her childhood friend, claire she becomes a art historian, happily married to doug and they seem to have it all. although she has not yet conceived they r content with their lot but after 6 years they have drifted apart and they decide to call it a day then claire is hit with devastating news of cancer [...]

    • Kari says:

      I've never read anything by Barbara Taylor Bradford and was worried after reading reviews from some fans of her other books. What I took from them is that isn't her best work. Well, I can't compare it to anything else she's written.A Sudden Change of Heart was pretty much what I thought it would be from reading the summary on the dust jacket, so it wasn't a disappointment. It had love and mystery. My only criticism is that one of the story lines felt like it came from the movie Beaches with Bett [...]

    • Jodi says:

      To be honest, I am forcing myself to get through this book. It is unbelievably BORING. *yawn* I am surprised as B.T.B. is one of my favorite authors!UpdateI have now finished reading thisIt did get a bit better which is why I went from 2 stars to three. At one point, tears sprouted from my eyes, but they did not leave me red nosed as some books can. At the end, my feeling wasohat is nice. Everything worked out. But nothing that leaves me feeling like I wish I knew how thier lives turned out afte [...]

    • Elizabeth says:

      4 audio cassettes, abridgedTrigger Warning: rape, child abusegood foundation and then she pours it on!! Nazi stolen art, child molestation by father of young daughter, surviving the Nazi control of France at age 10 and being heir to a fortune thus fueling they Nazi obsession to find her. That doesn't even get to being a single mom of a teenage girl and dying of breast cancer. I almost forgot: discovering one's bisexuality mid-marriage.looking for the text and the unabridged cd'sneed to write a r [...]

    • Karmell G says:

      This was quite bad. I spent the whole book waiting for the main conflict of the book. It never happened. And the main plot twist couldn't be called that, and was rather obvious. At times the dialogue seemed so overtly faked just not genuine at all. People don't speak like that! Also, some caracters were not even mentioned again after their duties on the book were over. Overall, a major disappointment.

    • Jo says:

      This story was a struggle to finish because everything about it was predictable. And I got it the first time-- Laura can recount the history of artwork with the knowledge an monotony of an encyclopedia; and they're rich--no need for the endless descriptions of 'blue and white silk shade lamps' and 'the hand-embroidered burgundy dress Laura had delivered from London' that do nothing for the story. Glad I'm finally done.

    • Mary Ann Hatch says:

      I had hard time getting into this book. It was a little slow to begin with. It had some french in it which I am not at all familiar with. I enjoyed the reflection of all the art that was stolen during WWII. I have recently watched "Monument Men" and so it all tied together. I enjoyed the strong relationships between the characters. Friends and family that stood by each other. A good reminder how everyone has a story. So important not to judge.

    • Katherine Baetz says:

      The book's characters are all highly successful in spite of their dysfunctional family backgrounds which was hard to swallow. The story seemed to try to cover quite a few issues all under the professional art scene which made the book drag on a bit. The resolution of the main character and the best friend's ex-husband left a bad taste for me (not to give away anything).

    • Kelsey says:

      read twice (again with the 2 time reading on accident!)the love scenes are unexcitingand there are some unnecessary paragraphs about food that the characters eat SPOILER!: the art advisor for rich people, Linda? well her best friend gets stage 4 cancer and it is sad but not sad enough to make you cry

    • Ada Iaboni says:

      Not one of her best books. The story talks more about the stolen art than the characters. Much of what happens feels removed from the characters. It felt as though they were distant from the story and the other characters in the story. It was interesting, and learned a lot about the art stolen by the Nazi, but the rest felt distant and did not take me in.

    • Debbie says:

      Wow, what a great book. I love Barbara Taylor Bradford books. She takes you on a roller coaster ride and you just cannot put the book down. I never expected it to end like it did and I was happy.

    • Ulli says:

      I had to abandon it! There is no depth whatsoever in this book: shallow characters, shallow dialogues and everybody is rich and very very beautiful. How can everyone in this book have large beautiful and most extraordinary eyes?

    • Ratforce says:

      Barbara Taylor Bradford is another author who often appeals to fans of Danielle Steel. Bradford’s early novels were sweeping sagas, but later works like this have the more personal focus, and the details about the lives of the rich and famous, that Danielle Steel is famous for.

    • Melissa says:

      Book #36 read in 2006This book was okay. I found myself very disinterested in the art of the novel, except when Laura was tracking down paintings stolen by the Nazis. I really enjoyed the family stories and the character relationships.Donated to Friends of the Library Sale

    • Darlene Quinn says:

      Just as good the second time around. Barbara Taylor Bradford creates characters and real challenges that we can all relate to. I loved this book and most all of her earlier novels. I am now enjoying the Cavendon Series, but my all time favorite is A Woman of Substance.

    • Pam says:

      A light summer read, but nothing more. I liked it, but I think she could have done more with her characters. Laura should have fought for her marriage; it seemed that she just gave up. It was like, oh well, we had a great seven years but it's over, bye. Not her best work.

    • Cheryl says:

      This was a good book, although somewhat predictable. It might be a better book for folks who would actually appreciate the famous artwork and artists mentioned in the story. Nice read for a snowy weekend. 8-)

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