Blood and Honor

Blood and Honor In the land of Castle Midnight where the real and the unreal exist side by side the king has just been assassinated leaving a battle for succession between his sons Into this mess of magic and intr

  • Title: Blood and Honor
  • Author: Simon R. Green
  • ISBN: 9780451452429
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
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      460 Simon R. Green
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    In the land of Castle Midnight, where the real and the unreal exist side by side, the king has just been assassinated, leaving a battle for succession between his sons Into this mess of magic and intrigue comes the once Great Jordan, a popular actor who has fallen on hard times Now Jordan has a chance to redeem himself in the greatest role of his life, but if he fails,In the land of Castle Midnight, where the real and the unreal exist side by side, the king has just been assassinated, leaving a battle for succession between his sons Into this mess of magic and intrigue comes the once Great Jordan, a popular actor who has fallen on hard times Now Jordan has a chance to redeem himself in the greatest role of his life, but if he fails, it will be his last.

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    • RavenclawReadingRoom says:

      10/6/2017Trigger warnings: gore.4.5 stars. I love the crap out of this. Jordan is such a great character, and I love how much he develops as he slowly realises that Viktor is a big ol' bag of dicks who gives zero fucks about anyone but himself. I love Kate Taggart a lot. I love the way the Unreal isn't exclusively evil. As I said last time, the pacing is a little off at times, but it's so much fun and there's so many twists and turns and I love the crap out of it. 4/11/2013I love Simon R. Green' [...]

    • Gabrielė▪Jan says:


    • Tracey says:

      I did not realise that this was second in the series of Blue Moon Rising and that was a book I really did enjoy. This was fun, read it in a day, smiled in a couple of bits and found myself be transported away to a different place. My only gripes was that book took a long time to get started and then heads off at a cracking pace. I was at about page two hundred and I was thinking there must be another book as there was so much going on. I hoped it would not be finished in a rush which can be disa [...]

    • Kathy Davie says:

      Second in the Forest Kingdom fantasy series, and this story revolves around the most horrible family.My TakeNope, it doesn't appear to be your usual Simon Green, for it is a more fantastical fairy tale than urban anything with its monsters in the castle — both the ghostly, other realm ones and the human ones. But Green shines with the horrifying descriptions of all the awful, vicious, cruel, disgusting!, nightmarish creatures he creates and the betrayals that abound. Only one of those betrayal [...]

    • Laci says:

      I'm a bit disappointed. And I expected something a lot different: namely, all the things that made the first book in the series, Blue Moon Rising, entertaining and unique. This didn't include any of the endearing characters; it didn't even include the titular Forest Kingdom, darn it. And while I don't generally mind authors coming up with various names for their beasts so they don't have to call them 'demons' as everybody else, calling them "the unreal" was just dumb, immersion-breaking and unbe [...]

    • Lael says:

      I was missing the Nightside and thought I would try this. I loved the story. First time I’ve read one Green’s earlier books.It’s not as polished as his newer work, but that just makes it more entertaining. This book uses great language to describe a fast paced action story in all its gory detail. Some blood and guts, but less than a lot of his books. Would highly recommend this if you like Green’s other work.

    • Iryna says:

      Дуже сподівалась, що друга книга "Лісового королівства" буде про героїв з першої, яку я не могла випустити з рук.На жаль, це не продовження, але зрештою ще одна цікава історія про престол, інтриги та магію.Виживає хитріший, мудріший і в даній книзі добріший. тттЯ полюбила книг [...]

    • JamesMilo GoodMorning says:

      I really like where Jordan is coming from. I just want to read a fun fantasy when I started Blue Moon Rising but this book is something else. I'm not yet done reading but will he stay noble? or be corrupted towards the end? How is he going to justify to others and to himself what he has done and will do in the future? Hmmm

    • Mike says:

      A fairly predictable book that was a string of bad fantasy cliches from start to finish. At least it was short. The ending was fairly entertaining, although perhaps I was just glad I'd made it that far. I'd probably rate it a 1.5.

    • Christopher D'amico says:

      Jordan—one of the Forest Kingdom’s “greatest” actors—puts his acting skills to the test, portraying a local prince that is under the weather. After agreeing to the plot, though, Jordan will quickly realize that the journey—as well as the destination—are rather more than he expects. Will Jordan’s talents be enough for his compatriots to find the successor to the throne…and more importantly, will they save his neck?Although entirely (almost) separate from Blue Moon Rising, Blood [...]

    • Shayan Kh says:

      This book took a long time to start the main story, but it gained pace rapidly after the first 50 pages.The story had nothing to do with the first book of the Forrest Kingdom series. And it didn't even have anything to do with the Forrest Kingdom. There is only brief mentioning of that part of this world from time to time.There aren't many loveable characters in this book, but that changed for me at the end. The story was entertaining enough, and the unreal was a novel idea among Green's book. I [...]

    • HeyT says:

      This was a fun adventure through the murky world of succession wars. I loved Jordan and thought he was likable and funny at times. He's in over his head in a place where the real and unreal are fighting for dominance. I thought he held his own in a castle filled with horrible people and things. I was quite satisfied at how everything turned out and would love to read more about Jordan and the Steward. There was also a nice nod to the events in Blue Moon Rising at the beginning despite the fact t [...]

    • Kathy says:

      Blood and Honour is Simon R. Green with all the interest and pace of the Eddie Drood and Nightside novels but without the dreary dragging feeling that you are reading a book about miserable people leading miserable lives. Our hero Jordan is an actor playing a prince who must decide how to stop Unreality from taking over Castle Midnight, Kingdom of Redhart, then the world. Read my full review here: morebooksthantime/bloo

    • Shane Moore says:

      Though less funny and still riddled with cliche, I enjoyed this book more than the first entry in the series. Not a sequel, this story has only a couple of references to the events of the previous book.The violence and medieval court politics of Blue Moon Rising return, but this time they're accompanied by a more interesting plot and more varied fight scenes. The villains of this story are also more creatively presented, and the conflicts are resolved in more novel ways.

    • Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson says:

      I enjoyed this read thoroughly. I was baffled that this book didn't pick up where the first in the series left off. I liked and disliked that all at the same time. It didn't take me that long to figure out the plot, and was entertained throughout the read. The characters were fresh, funny, and the settings were well written. This would be an excellent summer vacation type of read.

    • Alexander Draganov says:

      Original and exciting sequel to "Blue Moon Rising", which actually tells a new story about new characters. They are still cool and fun, though, and while at the beginning the plot looks like an ordinary court intrigue soon it becomes much more than that and you have your dose of epic battles and chilling horrors. Green never fails to delight :-)

    • Michael says:

      A Great entry in the series One of the most enjoyable books in the Forest Kingdom series. No Hawk or Fisher but the characters are well drawn and the action and intrigue are first rate.

    • MarsianMan says:

      I very nearly stopped reading because it didn't feature the Prince and Princess from the first book. Nevertheless, I am glad I didn't. It was fun to watch Jordan (the actor) attempt to play a Prince he had never met, and then become an even better Prince. Good stuff.

    • Isaac says:

      Same fantasy universe as Blue Moon Rising, but a totally unrelated story. Character development is amazing and the plot has great twists in it. The storyline makes you consider how right and wrong are decided in a very complex world.

    • John says:

      If you've read any of Simon R. Green's other books you know what to expect from this. It's the book equivalent of a summer action movie. There isn't anything ground breaking here, but it is entertaining and keep me reading. So Four Stars.

    • Tim Gray says:

      If you have enjoyed the Blue Moon series (and everyone should) here is another chance to visit the Forest Kingdom. For completeists, but stands alone as a piece of fun as well.

    • Morgan says:

      Amusing, but not really anything more than that. Not one of Simon R. Green's more thoughtful books, but still a fun fantasy story.

    • Sarah says:

      This was one of my favorite books as a teen. It has a little bit of everything from fantasy, to murder mystries, to romance.

    • Michal says:

      Light and entertaining read or listen. I did the later and found the "Graphic audio" version very "proper English, not your fantasy fluff. Looking forward to next book in the series.

    • Jaq says:

      Enjoyable but did take a long time to get going.

    • Daphne says:

      I do love the Forest Kingdom! <3

    • Bret Marschand says:

      This was an OK read. It sarted out much stronger than it finished but held my attention throughout. ive read all the books in this series but somehow missed this one along the way.

    • Karen Desmond says:


    • Jennifer says:

      Not his best work but still entertaining.

    • Mahesh says:

      Had nothing to do with the first book. But very good book on its own rights.

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