The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle

The Cowboy s Christmas Miracle Christmas was tough for widow Jenna Wheeler and her four children But even though she d sold part of her family s land to make ends meet she was determined to spin the holiday into the stuff of magic

  • Title: The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle
  • Author: RaeAnne Thayne
  • ISBN: 9780373249336
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
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      285 RaeAnne Thayne
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    Christmas was tough for widow Jenna Wheeler and her four children But even though she d sold part of her family s land to make ends meet, she was determined to spin the holiday into the stuff of magic no matter what it took Now if she could only find a job.Maybe her new landlord could oblige gorgeous, child averse Carson McRaven He needed a chef, and he knew the loChristmas was tough for widow Jenna Wheeler and her four children But even though she d sold part of her family s land to make ends meet, she was determined to spin the holiday into the stuff of magic no matter what it took Now if she could only find a job.Maybe her new landlord could oblige gorgeous, child averse Carson McRaven He needed a chef, and he knew the lovely Jenna could do a bang up job if only she could keep her brood out of his hair But as he found himself catapulted into the cheerful chaos of her familyt to mention Jenna s arms he learned about the spirit of Christmas than he d ever dreamed.

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    • Terri Wino says:

      Awwww, I loved this Christmas story! Carson is a grumpy, grinchy cowboy who has his life turned upside down by widow Jenna and her four kids. This was a sweet, heart-warming holiday story without being sickening or ridiculous. And I may, or may not have had to dab at my eyes a couple of times with a tissuelergies, you know? 😉Highly recommend if you're looking for a holiday romantic story that isn't just about the romance. This may just be my favorite from RaeAnne Thayne so far!

    • Paige says:

      A wonderful Christmas read! CEO Carson McRaven has lost touch with what is really important in life. Growing up with his drug addict mother didn't give him the time to enjoy life and appreciate the little things. The death of his young wife and their son in childbirth has left him not allowing anybody to depend on him. Since buying widow Jenna Wheeler's ranch, he's constantly having to keep his eyes on her three young sons. When he sees her life, all he sees is chaos and noise. Yet, one day when [...]

    • Emily says:

      Carson McRaven doesn't have anything againist kids, he just doesn't want any and plans to steer clear of them. It seems harder to do when widower Jenna Wheeler's kids keep finding their way on his property. As if the reasons to bump into each other keep adding up, the final straw is when his personal chef cancels last minute for an event that is planned at the McRaven ranch, and Jenna is the best cook he knows. She agrees to help him out, but Carson can't seem to keep his eyes or lips off the wo [...]

    • Cheryl says:

      An enjoyable Christmas story. Jenna is a widow, her husband dying at Christmas 2 years earlier. To get out of debt and take care of her 4 children, she had to sell the ranch to weathly Carson, keeping a small house and 20 acres for herself. She also caters. Carson is in a bind and needs to hire Jenna to cook for his guests. She falls on the stairs and Carson has to take care of her and her children.

    • Patrice says:

      Jenna Wheeler is a widowed mother of four,trying to give her young children as much normalcy as possible. The past two Christmases have been very hard on them and she vows to herself to make this a great Christmas. Her husband died from a tragic farming accident two Christmases ago and the last Christmas found Jenna in the hospital again, this time with her baby girl fighting pneumonia. She has had to make some tough decisions regarding her family’s finances and one of them was to sell off a m [...]

    • Donna Alward says:

      December naturally calls for a holiday story and so I snagged Thayne's The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle off my TBR.WHY did it take me so long to read something by this author? I wish I'd done it sooner. I really really loved this book. Maybe not everyone would - I know my neighbour doesn't enjoy romances with kids in them for example. But here's my list of what I loved:A strong heroine who has faced adversity but hasn't let it make her bitter - she's a hard worker and a good woman. Jenna's kindnes [...]

    • Alea says:

      The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle is my first "category" or "series" romance. I had no idea what to expect and what I discovered was a wholesome, family Christmas story with a very sweet romance.At first Jenna and Carson obviously dislike each other, Jenna because Carson bought up her ranch (except for the plot her home is on) and seems to dislike her children who are having a hard time letting go and Carson because Jenna's children always seem to be on his property making problems. They are polite [...]

    • Jodi says:

      Jenna Wheeler may have been a widow with four children but that didn't mean she wasn't capable of holding her own with the wealthy businessman who had bought all but 20 acres of of the Wheeler family ranch. Every time he turned around, one of Wheeler's three boys was on his property and causing him grief. But when an emergency requires that Carson hire Jenna as his personal chef, suddenly the tables are turned. He's invited her family into his home and his life will never be the same. This was a [...]

    • Danielle Liddell says:

      SweetI'm NOT one for romance stories, usually I'm the type of woman who like action and fantasy. I found Raeanne Thayne about two years ago on a whim and she stole my heart with Blackberry Summer and the folks of Hope's Crossing, so I decided to give her other series a try and once again she has woven a charming tale of love lost and the road to healing one's self. so when I'm between fantasy series I read her novels and the good ole boys of Cold Creek don't disappoint.

    • Victoria Sigsworth says:

      The only Mills and Boon author that I read. You know what you get with these but there are still things that happen which aren't predictable. The best aspect of her books, especially the Christmas ones are her descriptions of Christmas and the houses at Christmas and the cooking. Some people would say they are cheesy and maybe they are but I really enjoyed this and in fact,I found the chapter on Christmas Day quite moving.

    • Mary says:

      Loved itA great read love all the Cowboys of Cold Creek books that I have read and this one is no different. RaeAnne's writing is great. Love all her books.

    • Linda George says:

      Two people for quite different backgrounds - a poor widow with 4 young children and a business wizard whose hard work has paid off in great wealth. As neighbors the children accidentally led the adults to an unlikely romance.

    • Sue Stewart says:

      Outstanding story! Really depicts the true meaning of family. Jenna, Carson, and the kids - great characters - loved them all. Another fall-in-love Christmas story!

    • Janet says:

      Sweet Christmas fluff.

    • Beth says:

      Nice story.

    • Julie says:


    • Lynda says:

      Young mother of four, Idahoan widow Jenna Wheeler was forced to make many concessions, her happy family once shattered was turning the corner. Selling most of her ranch to an outsider wasn’t easy and living down the road from it was even more difficult for her boys. Like a beacon in the night, they were drawn to Raven’s Nest Ranch to the disdain of its owner, tech investor Carson McRaven. Impatient with his neighbour’s lack of control over her children, fate stepped in, aligning Carson on [...]

    • Pamela Devereux says:

      Jenna Wheeler is a person to admire. She is raising 4 children on her own. That her 3 boys are a hand full, is an understatement. Not only that, she is starting her own catering business. Her 3 boys, Hayden, Drew and Kip are constantly doing things on Carson McCrane's property, which was their own property. Jenna is constantly trying to tell them to stay off but Grandma Pat feeds into the boys mischief. Yet the miracle of Christmas is blooming. Carson's ice wall is melting and the key is Jolie, [...]

    • Brianne says:

      3.5I liked the book well enough, that I read it in one sitting. I thought the kids that featured in the story were funny and what I can imagine kids of that age being like, especially as Christmas Day got closer. I thought some of the writing got a little repetitive in that the main issues that the hero had with falling for the heroine were repeated and repeated but then when he changes his mind we do not see or are not told the why - that it just happens because of his experiences.

    • JoAnn says:

      This is a very satisfying, well-written story, perfect for the Christmas season. Family is a very important part of the story and while their is some heat, there is no sex in the book.It is about a young widow with four children who had to sell most all of her family's ranch (to pay off her late husband's medical bills) to a wealthy CEO who doesn't do family and is rather annoyed that her sons keep running over his ranch like it was still theirs.

    • Ann Keller says:

      What a wonderful, romantic and heart warming story! Suitable at Christmas time or during any time of the year. The Cowboy’s Christmas Miracle is filled with love, family values and the painful memories of a man whose life was very different. Ms. Thayne teaches us a worthy lesson - things are not always what they seem. Looking forward to reading more books in the Cowboys of Cold Creek series!

    • Misti says:

      This was a sweet, Christmassy Contemporary romance. I could probably have lived without the on-again/off-again relationship between the main characters but I understand that's what drove this particular plot forward. Comes complete with plot-ragamuffins but they're generally not too overwhelming. I might re-read this around Christmas next year. Pretty cute and memorable.

    • Tonya Warner says:

      Jenna has four little kids to make a perfect Christmas come true after two years of tragedy. Carson just wanted peace and quiet and to not get involved with the pretty widow or her children. Luckily, a Christmas miracle helps them both find the love and joy that they needed.A great story.

    • Shelly says:

      Heart WarmingHeart WarmingAgain Raeanne has outdone herself with this book for the last few yrs Christmas has been nothing but heartache for a woman and her four children. for a man his business and new ranch was all that he thought he needed in life. a few mishaps and you end up with this book.

    • Ridley says:

      Meh. Nothing about this book impressed me in either direction. It's just a straightforward hetero woman's masturbation fantasy of a rich, handsome rancher falling in love with her and her four children. Lots of heart-melting hot man holding a toddler businessyou know the drill.

    • Debbi says:

      As always, I love anything written by RaeAnne Thayne. This was my first book in the Cowboys of Cold Creek series. Looks like I'll have to read more of them. This was a beautiful and heartwarming Christmas story full of family, laughter, tears and love. It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

    • Doranna Durgin says:

      This book was a freebie and I'm glad it came here. It's no more than what it's meant to be--light, sweet, engaging, and soothing--but it does all those things just as it should. I read it during a stressful time and I'm glad I had it.

    • Madison Warner Fairbanks says:

      The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle by Reanna ThayneA widowed mother of four caters a few meals for the cowboy business man that bought her former ranch. Soon more than the meals are heating up. A truly touching story about a lonely man who finds unexpected love.

    • Reader says:

      What a read a great read. Plus its a Christmas story love reading these they put you right in the mood. It sure did put me in the mood for the holiday. They need more stories like these.

    • Tracy's Place says:

      3.5 out of 5

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