The Dead

The Dead The Dead is the second book in Charlie Higson s jaw dropping zombie horror series for teens Everyone over the age of fourteen has succumbed to a deadly zombie virus and now the kids must keep themselv

  • Title: The Dead
  • Author: Charlie Higson
  • ISBN: 9780141325040
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Dead is the second book in Charlie Higson s jaw dropping zombie horror series for teens Everyone over the age of fourteen has succumbed to a deadly zombie virus and now the kids must keep themselves alive A terrible disease is striking everyone over the age of fourteen Death walks the streets Nowhere is safe Maxie, Blue and the rest of the Holloway crew aren t theThe Dead is the second book in Charlie Higson s jaw dropping zombie horror series for teens Everyone over the age of fourteen has succumbed to a deadly zombie virus and now the kids must keep themselves alive A terrible disease is striking everyone over the age of fourteen Death walks the streets Nowhere is safe Maxie, Blue and the rest of the Holloway crew aren t the only kids trying to escape the ferocious adults who prey on them Jack and Ed are best friends, but their battle to stay alive tests their friendship to the limit as they go on the run with a mismatched group of other kids nerds, fighters, misfits And one adult, Greg, a butcher, who claims he s immune to the disease They must work together if they want to make it in this terrifying new world But when fresh disaster threatens to overwhelm London, they realize they won t all survive Lord of the Flies with zombiesns of nail biting action Rick Riordan, creator of Percy Jackson Higson has got the balance of blood and gore just right Daily Mirror Charlie Higson is the author of the bestselling Young Bond series of novels for young readers, including Silverfin and Double or Die, and the spine tingling, teen zombie horror series The Enemy Can t wait for the next instalment This edition contains the first chapter of the thrilling third book in the series The Fear Check out the enemy for blood, zombies and terror.

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    • Erin says:

      "Don't talk to the driver when the bus is in motion, or the driver will shoot you. Got that?"GAH.I am experiencing a real problem right about now, because there are SO MANY THINGS I would like to convo about regarding this book, but guess how many of my friends (real-life or on GR) have read this? You guessed it: zero. I repeat, GAH.So, anyway. This is the sequel/prequel to The Enemy, but it follows a (mostly) different set of characters. This frustrated me for a good bit of the book, but I did [...]

    • Laura says:

      Charlie Higson! Where-oh-where have you been all my life?Mr. Higson amps up the action, shock, suspense, and disgust levels to all new glorious, gory heights! The Dead, a sequel-prequel to The Enemy, plays a bit with the timeline by jumping back to the beginning of “the disaster” that made every grown-up into flesh craving zombie like creatures hunting and killing kids all over London. If you thought The Enemy had it going on, daaamn…this is a non-stop, full tilt, running, panting, fightin [...]

    • Luke says:

      Brilliant you need to read this book but read the 1st book first now I am on to the 3rd book in this series I can't wait

    • Jo says:

      Right, so I’m not entirely sure what to do with this review. Writing reviews for series kind of makes me anxious because on one hand I want to talk about it and entice you and hypnotise you with my words to make you want to read this book. Because you should read it as it’s fantastic.But on the other hand I am very aware that the majority of the people who will be reading this review won’t have read The Enemy (my review), the first book in this series. Now, I’m not saying this is because [...]

    • Kahleia Corpuz says:

      Okay, wow. I did not expect for this book to hit me so hard in the feels. This book talks about the concept of death as if it were nothing which makes it more heartbreaking. It's so mind-blowing how this whole thing "started." The ending was the part that messed me up the most. The moment where the two books connected was when I was almost to tears. Props to Charlie Higson.

    • Clair says:

      Charlie Higson is a pretty amazing writer, you guys. He may be writing for teenage boys who love computer games and want constant action in their books, but man, do I love his writing. It's so wonderfully short and snappy, and oh, man. He's really good at characterisation too and had me damn near on the verge of tears or gasping at my copy at certain parts. Excuse me for a moment while I go flap my hands and squee.I'll try my best to review without getting too excited, but basically, the ending [...]

    • Giselle says:

      His descriptions are so gory and detailed. The bubbling puss-filled sores ARE SO REAL! More please!!

    • Darren Hagan says:

      *No spoilers*Any book that can make me almost cry deserves no less than 5 stars, as I'm usually made of stone inside. This book was such a step up from the first in my opinion, mainly because most of the issues I had with The Enemy were rectified in The Dead.This book is set a year before the events in The Enemy with a different set of characters, and I appreciated that because the whole zombie situation hadn't been happening as long. There are even a couple of people who hadn't yet turned. Whil [...]

    • ☣Lynn☣ says:

      Second read 4.5 starsThis was so much better the second time around! I couldn't put it down!!The only reason why this isn't getting a full 5 stars from me is because I miss my Holloway kids too much~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.5 starsThis one was just too slow for me.

    • Laura says:

      Dystopian fiction seems to be the new craze in YA literature, and I couldn't be happier! I've come across some astoundingly good stories in the last few months. This week I'm looking at one of the most brutal: The Dead, by Charlie Higson.The basic premise of the book is that only children under the age of fourteen survive a disease which turns everyone else into flesh-hungry maniacs who would be best described as Zombies, although they aren't dead.It is left to the children to survive and try to [...]

    • RavenclawReadingRoom says:

      22/4/2016Things I expected rereading this: everyone dies, extreme amounts of grossness.Things I did not expect: to tear up over one character's ending. I feel like this is a series that very much benefits from being read back to back. Yes, this is a prequel. But it's a prequel that makes a hell of a lot more sense if you read it fairly soon after reading the first one so that all the little details connecting the two really stand out. 28/1/2015I was a little bit terrified of reading this, becaus [...]

    • Hamelynn Harzman says:

      This book was absolutely terrifying and that's why I loved it. The zombies were described so vividly, I had to check behind me- just in case. The characters were extremely lovable, which ended up being a problem for me. I got attached to them, and of course the nice children get killed off but the religious maniac stays. Sometimes the deaths happened so fast it took me a bit to register why a character was crying, then I realized, "Oh. His best friend just died."This was a nonstop adrenaline rol [...]

    • Alex - coffeeloving_bookoholic says:

      The end was soooooo good! I still have goosebumps! :D It was a bit slow in the middle, but the second half was written so good, I could't put it down. I liked, that there were other kids and in the end we are back to the first book. I am really looking forward to more adventures!

    • ✨jamieson ✨ says:

      “He was a different person now, and not a better one, Oh, he could fight, he could swat sickos like flies; he was a bloody hero, wasn't he? He was Death himself. Riding a bike. But in the end, all he was doing was adding to the score of the dead. Was that all a hero was, then? A killing machine without a heart?” WARNING ! ZOMBIE GIFS AHEADThis series literally has me shook I can't believe I read these when I was little they are so violent ??? like SO violent ? It's basically the book version [...]

    • Angela says:

      Thoroughly enjoyable sequel to Higson's The Enemy. This time the story is told from the perspective of a different set of surviving kids (who were also featured in the first book, albeit briefly) and set a year before the events in the first book, so technically this is a prequel.If I'm honest, I think I preferred this book to the first one. The characters were all great and the world-building was fun to read, and rather terrifying in parts. I abhorred Greg from the instant he appeared and I was [...]

    • Kate says:

      I read this ARC via Netgalley.A year before the events of The Enemy, the grown-ups are just starting to get sick and turn into flesh-eating monsters. The first most people hear of this zombie plague is an online video that some believed at first to be a joke. A band of students are holed up at their all-boys private school until it becomes clear that they are never going to be able to keep the infected teachers at bay. They plan to leave and find someplace safer, along the way rescuing the daugh [...]

    • Tori Roudebush says:

      The book I read is The Dead by Charlie Higson. In this book it begins one year earlier than the first book. A disease has struck every one of the age of sixteen. The adults are either decomposing or dead zombie like creatures. In the beginning it starts in a boarding school, where all of the teachers have gotten infected. They then decide they need to leave if they’re going to survive any longer. A few kids survive and travel by bus into the city. The bus driver Greg is an adult who has no got [...]

    • Stephanie says:

      "The Dead" takes place one year prior to the previous book, "The Enemy". It starts with a group of boys in a boarding school trying to survive attacks from their former teachers who are now zombies. The boys hold off the teachers for as long as they can but soon become overwhelmed and decide to search for a safer place. They can't decide which is the safer choice, heading for London or heading for the countryside, and end up splitting into two groups. One group, lead by Ed, heads to the countrys [...]

    • Gav451 says:

      Charlie Higson does it again.It is slightly disconcerting to find that you are dealing with a completely new set of people at the start of this book. Suddenly you have to get to know a whole group of characters again and you are reintroduced to the world only from a different perspective.Luckily Mr Higson is a FANTASTIC writer and it is not too long before you are rooting for an entirely new set of people and reading in fear and wonder at the tale which slowly reveals itself. The is much to enjo [...]

    • Shannon says:

      The first book, The Enemy, was amazing. This book I originally was extremely disappointed with, until I got to the last 150 pages or so.I found the beginning very dull, so dull I stopped reading it for a few months, which is extremely rare for me. It just wasn't as action filled as the first as I had hoped.But in the end, I was proved wrong. Once The boys had set off to Jack's house, and the stadium collapsed on top of them, I was drawn right back in. From his death, to bam's and then right to F [...]

    • Hendrik says:

      In a world where everyone over 16 gets infected with a disease that turns them into zombie like creatures, Jack and Ed are some of the only survivors along with the other kids that are trying to survive. When their school is over run they're forced to try to survive somewhere else. While they're trying to move through a town, a group of adults attack them but are rescued by a man named Greg which gives them hope that not all adults are infected. Eventually, Greg starts to show symptoms and attac [...]

    • Demi says:

      The Dead is only the second book in The Enemy series but it is hands down, one of the greatest books I've ever read! The Dead was intense, gory, heartbreaking and so much more. All the characters were fantastic! I'm still not over the deaths of some of the characters, ngl. Charlie Higson, why must you create these amazing characters, make us get attached to them and then have them gruesomely killed off?? Seriously though, The Dead was absolutely phenomenal! The ending was perfect; I definitely g [...]

    • 15thomasf says:

      I really like this book it's incredible! I've read the whole series it's good but I like the best all I can say is READ THIS

    • Declan says:

      Absolutely loving this series!

    • Carly says:

      So good, probably the best I’ve read in a long time. This book has the right mix of action, suspense, sadness and surprise. The characters are relatable and likeable, even though there are many to keep track of. Moving on to the third on this series now, seeing as the second was better than the first I have high hopes for what is to come.

    • Jonathan says:

      I am really enjoying this series of books. This one is set a year before the action of the first book, explaining a bit more about how the crisis started, and introducing characters who were more secondary in the previous novel. Still lots of chasing, gore, scary zombies and terrified (but generally rising to the challenge) kids. And sad bits, meaning don't get too attached to anyone!

    • 15SaltmerJ Saltmer says:

      I enjoyed reading this book as it was very exciting at many moment. I definitely recommend that people who have read the first book go on to read this one. However, I feel that at a few moments the book was slightly to slow and it wasn't progressing very much. Overall this was a really enjoyable book to read with multiple cliff hangers and tense moments.

    • Julia says:

      "The Dead" is a great book to read if you're interest in action, and science fiction. More of a young adult novel, this book goes to great lengths in order to describe a world where everyone over sixteen has turned into a rotting, boil covered monster- and kids run about the streets desperate to survive. The circumstances of this story arise when a mysterious illness sweeps all across London- as well as other parts of the world- and the only food that keeps these diseased creatures alive is the [...]

    • Martin says:

      The second book in Charlie Higson’s The Enemy series, Higson has opted for a none-linear approach to this series and this time we follow a completely separate group of youngsters as they try to survive in the world filled with ravenous, kid-hungry adults. Set two years before the occurrences of the first book, during a time when it seems the world is just beginning to experience the true and horrific nature of the disease that has wiped out or transformed the adult population. We follow a grou [...]

    • Mitchel Broussard says:

      The Enemy was a complete and utter surprise for me personally. I hadn't read a good no-holds-bar zombie gore-fest since King's Cell, and hadn't expected a teen-targeted YA novel to be that kind of book. It was fresh, ferocious and un-putdownable. It's sequel (or rather, prequel) had a lot to live up to because of that. And, for the most part it does, but it also didn't do anything new, either.So this one takes place a year before the first book, and focuses on an entirely new crew of kids, who a [...]

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